Is it possible for werewolves to live hundreds of years?

Ancient werewolves were known to live much longer than humans. In fact, though werewolves are not generally or typically immortal like the vampire, many historically older werewolves have a life span that is very very long and can give in some cases almost an illusion of immortality… due in part to their slow aging process. Of course, in modern times, with the loss of traditions, methods, and materials this has changed and the vast majority of modern werewolves as werewolf967 points out have a typical human life span and age as a human ages (with some exceptions).

Of course, there are always skeptics to these claims that like to say that even the more ancient werewolves could not have lived any longer than a human life span.  They claim it is not physically possible.  They question the possibility of living hundreds of years.  I always like to debunk naysers, so to all of the skeptics out there, I have some illustrative examples to point out that may shock you…

1.  Tuatara – a species of animal similar to a lizard can live for up to 200 years.  200 YEARS!!!

2. Bowhead Whale – The Bowhead whale can live around 200 years (one confirmed at 211 years!) Compare this to the average lifespan of the blue whale at only 80 to 90 years!

3.  Bivalve Mollusc – (class that includes clams, oysters, scallops, and mussells) – can live hundreds of years.  The oldest discovered was a quahog clam named Ming that was between 405 – 410 years old when found in Iceland….if not captured, it may have lived even longer!  (Think about it, this clam was alive in the year 1600!  William Shakespeare was still alive!)

4.  Koi – Average life span is 25 – 35 years, however there are some documented as living over 200 years! This is 8 times longer than the normal life span.

5.  Tortoise – a relative of the sea turtle have some that can live close to 200 years – in fact, the most famous tortoise, Harriet, who dies in 2006, was collected by Charles Darwin himself!

Note that in the examples above, while the normal lifespan of a type of animal typically does not have a crazy long life span, there are exceptional species such as these within it that blow the averages out of the water.  Could werewolves be analogous to humans in this way?  Naysers must at least consider the possiblity.



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