Is Prince Charles a vampire? In his own words…

royal family are vampiresAlthough the British royal family would probably like to think they are descended from werewolves, it seems they also would like to think they are descended from vampires!  In fact, Prince Charles has publicly claimed that they are descended from one specific famous so-called vampire.

Really? Britain’s Prince Charles wants to be a vampire?
The Prince’s claim is that he is related to the “inspiration” of vampires – Vlad the Impaler. Last year, in a visit to Romania, Prince Charles said during an interview that his genealogy showed that he is related to Vlad the Impaler.  In the video below, you can skip to 2:39 to hear Prince Charles’ own words on his distant relative.

Vlad the Impaler was a violent ruler of Romania whose life story was so gruesome it was the inspiration for Count Dracula.  It is interesting that a member of the British royal family – no less the heir to the British throne! would acknowledge this relation. His claim no doubt was meant to acknowledge the importance of Romania to the royals, however this odd connection between the Royals and vampires (or at least Dracula) cannot go unnoticed.




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