is salt harmful to werewolves?

It is well-known that salt is a warder of vampires.  It is said that if you are being haunted or pursued by a vampire, if you spill some salt on the ground (for example on your doorstep), if the vampire comes across it, the vampire will  have to count every grain of salt before being able to move on.  It doesn’t kill the vampire, but it certainly slows him down.  Another legend – in Romania – encourages pregnant women to eat salt, as it is said that a newborn may become a vampire if the mother does not eat salt!

Interestingly, there are some legends that also associate salt with werewolves.  Some say that bathing in salt water will “cure” a werewolf from being a werewolf.  Others say that eating/ingesting/drinking salt or salt water is deadly to the werewolf.  Although there are various accounts in legends and history of salt as it relates to the werewolf – and its effectiveness – there are also some people that claim that salt is ineffective to werewolves.  Those that believe this point to the fact that there are many werewolves in human form that put salt in their food when they eat, and it does not effect them from becoming werewolves.  Others have responded to this point of contention by saying that perhaps it is that salt is harmful only if the werewolf is in werewolf form.

Whether or not salt is in fact effective against werewolves, it does have a long history – in particular, it has long been a method to use as being an effective “antidote” against spirits and demons.  For example, one of the first superstitions many people remember learning from their childhood is how  if you spill salt it is unlucky… you therefore must throw a bit of salt over your left shoulder in order to keep evil spirits away…the salt effectively “blinds” the spirits.  Another less common, but still practiced belief is that throwing a bit of salt in a coffin helps the spirit of the deceased person from being attacked by evil spirits. Another old tradition to ward of evil spirits is to sprinkle salt in the corners of your house – people used to do this in particular when they first moved into a new house.  And even less commonly known, is how in ancient times, Romans would rub babies in salt on their eighth day of life to protect them from evil spirits.




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11 Responses

  1. she wolf says:

    In the philippines. Salt was used by some villagers from the province to ward of aswangs. They sprinkle it on the front of their doors or as usual sprinkle it on windows. Salt on werewolves? sounds stupid. Salt is ineffective sprnkle a salt on a wolf or a human and no reaction will be shown.

  2. Lycanhope says:

    I love salt. Don’t take that away from me, lol.

  3. Mary says:

    I mean salt hurts like heck when you put it on a cut or something, but it does not kill werewolves or anything. sure, the scent is a little strong but still.

  4. ILiekPizza says:

    Peanut butter wouldn’t be the same without salt. :c

  5. dont you dare reply! says:

    um no
    but magic can cause its always a rumor that salt has been an element or ingredient in the whole magic thinggy

  6. dirty Al says:

    Were do I go to date a werewolf or find one or is there a vary powerful spell to turn me into a werewolf I rather date a girl werewolf rhen a normal girl I gess you cud say IM a werdO or freek I don’t like my boring life and job its that I fight my entire life and did not trust any one I almost dide meny meny times I’ve seen

  7. Mary says:

    At dirty Al: Ok first of all, i didn’t understand anything you just said. Second of all, please use punctuation in your posts if you plan to come back witch you probably won’t. Oh the hell with it i am probably wiasting my time.

  8. Hollow says:

    Sounds like the count from sesame street and ocd combined to make the counting thing. And if your body is fool of salt, there fore your blood is full of salt, so vampires are not harmed by salt or they would not drink blood.

  9. krysta says:

    i’ed rather be a werewolf then human being cause i have soooooooooooooooooooooooo much chores to do and rather eat meat then veggies like cow, chicken, and bull’s. And why the hell willpeoplesay they are werewolf’s?

  10. Lycanhope says:

    @krysta: Because being a werewolf instantly means no chores and no vegetables. Please, just go back to your Twilight fandom or whatever.

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