Is the Royal Family descended from a werewolf?

One of the ancestors of the current royal family of England could have been a werewolf?  So they would like to believe!  But it’s not quite true.  The ancestor in question was King George III (aka Mad King George) who reigned as king of the United Kingdom and Ireland (1760 – 1820).    Was Mad King George really a werewolf?  It is very unlikely.  The truth is that he probably really had the medical condition known as porphyria.

As king, George was involved in numerous political conflicts and wars, however despite the upheaval of the times, one of the main things that King George III is remembered for is having gone mad – his mental state was so much in question that he had bouts where he had to wear a straight jacket, and was eventually even known as “Mad King George“.  So where does the werewolf connection come into play?  The main connection is in regards to the roots of the King’s madness.  Many current historians do not believe that George was mad, but rather the theory is that he had a condition known as porphyria.

Mad King George not a werewolf

King George III: Just mad... not a werewolf!

Porphyria is a  medical condition which scientists use to explain the real physical symptoms of people that claim to be werewolves or vampires.  In medical terms, the condition causes a buildup of porphyrins in the body which can effect a person’s nervous system and/or skin.  In physical terms, symptoms can include  adverse reactions to sunlight such as the skin to become very fragile and to blister easily when exposed to the sun, hallucinations, paranoia, excessive hair growth on the face (in places like the forehead), and changes in skin pigmentation.  Because these conditions are often described by people that claim to have the symptoms of being a werewolf or vampire, scientists use this disease to explain the exhibited symptoms of humans that claim to be either of these two creatures.

King John of England however was really rumored to have become a werewolf after he died, not just have an odd medical condition…



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  1. Lunar says:

    Never read this before. Such an interesting piece..

  2. Greyr says:

    are there really royals? cause i think in rl once you die you just die and stuff lol XD

  3. zach says:

    …ok then..

  4. Lunar says:

    You!!!!! >.<

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think the Werewolves and/or Vampires thing is accurate enough, also I think, though I’m not sure it’s relevant to this, but I reckon John Prescott is a Vampire, at least a boss Vampire, you know what I mean, anyway, if not, I reckon he may be a Slitheen, you know from Doctor Who, in a skin suit and if you unzip his Forehead, you know, that’s exactly it, I think, Prescott is a Slitheen.

  6. she wolf says:

    Maybe I have this kind sickness. Not sure because I used to be hot headed and always mad. If I didn’t come out inside a crowd of people, They would just say I’m a werewolf.

  7. she wolf says:

    check out my symptoms on chat if someone wants to answer.

  8. sarah says:

    I got here from Dr who happy I found it though its very intresting

  9. Evaluna says:

    can there is after all a royal family who are werewolves and i know their daughter her name is willow black also know as ketsia shes the princess of wolves

  1. July 28, 2012

    […] the British royal family would probably like to think they are descended from werewolves, it seems they also would like to think they are descended from vampires!  In fact, Prince Charles […]

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