It is ok to be weird for the month of October!

If there is any month that it is ok to be “weird” it is October; If there is any month that weird is normal it is October!

For the month of October humans will struggle to be as weird, scary, and weird is normalas abnormal as possible! All leading up to the scariest day of the year… Halloween!

Humans will research, shop, strain, and challenge each other to become something that on any other day of the year they would call crazy or odd! But in the eyes of most humans it is ok for one month? And actually normal for one night?

The month of October is a month for the humans who never fit in and are called “weird” by others, all of the werewolves, vampires, and all other creatures and monsters can relax and blend in to the population. They can relax when going out at night, feel normal when going to the mall, and blend in when going to school… because all humans will think that since it is the month of October that it is finally “normal” to appear the way you do, to act the way you do, and to look the way you look!

For 334 days of the year life is a competition to be as normal as possible, but October is something different, something special for humans and non-hmans alike… October is a month that everybody is normal no matter who you are…



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3 Responses

  1. astute newt says:

    first. like a boss.

  2. Lori J. Schiele says:

    Keep in mind that not ALL humans or werewolves or other wolf-kin celebrate Halloween and view it as the scariest month of the year.
    In fact, it is one of the most celebrated month of the year for most Wiccans and Pagans because it is considered the beginning of the New Year, as well as a time to remember and respect those who have passed on within the previous year.
    That doesn’t mean that witches don’t enjoy Halloween (called Samhain) and don’t dress up and have parties, but keep in mind that, werewolf or not (and yes, you CAN be a Wiccan werewolf!!), not everything about October is about costumes and candy!

  3. astute newt says:

    for people under the age of 9 it is.

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