It’s 2017! Happy New Year Year! Here are 5 ways for werewolves to start Day 1 off right!

happy new yearHappy New Year everyone!!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve! Whether you are ready or not, 2017 is here! One single day can make all the difference in the world – changing from Dec 31 to Jan 1 can mean a chance to start over! If 2016 was your best year ever, well, continue the good streak and make this year even better!! And if 2016 was just a little bit rocky, well, now is your chance to start fresh with Day #1! It’s a fresh new year, so make every day count! Starting today!

Here are 5 things any werewolf can quickly do to start 2017 off right!

1. Werewolves have and need a strong internal link to nature. Strengthening this link can help the werewolf feel centered! To get there, start Day 1 of the new year off with a hike, run, or walk outside. Being surrounded by nature and breathing in that fresh cool air will help establish that needed link and set the tone for the year.

2. Werewolves in particular can have a hard time achieving a balance between mind and body, the cause of which is often a struggle between the werewolf body and the human mind. Take 5 minutes of today for yourself – find a quiet chair, sofa, or corner, close your eyes, empty all thoughts from your head, and just feel yourself breath. At the end of 5 minutes you’ll feel refreshed and more connected with yourself.

3. Every werewolf knows that their mood, personality, and appearance can be affected by the full moon. Take a minute to learn when the full moons are for 2017 so that you are cognizant of what to expect and when! (First full moon of 2017 is on Jan 12!)

4. Werewolves use alot of energy – sometimes it’s physical and sometimes it’s mental.  Either way, protein is an essential part of nutrition for the werewolf! This doesn’t mean that all werewolves are meat eaters (though it is no secret they crave meat!) –  there are indeed even vegetarian werewolves! Try to achieve the nutritional needs your body craves on day one – meaning, make it a point to get a little protein in your diet – this can come in many forms including eggs, meat, fish, chia, soybeans..there are many options!

5.  Sometimes it can be hard for the werewolf to accept that they are different from other people.  For the lucky, they’ve come to terms with being different and embrace it! For others, it can be a daily, weekly, or maybe just a monthly challenge.  Regardless of where you fall, for Day 1, identify just one aspect of yourself that you really like – it could be a physical characteristic (hair, skin, eyes, hands, etc), or it could be nonphysical trait (your kindness, your ability to make friends, your ability to have an open mind, your creativity, etc.).  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it it something about yourself.  Sometimes it’s just as important to be nice to yourself as it is to be nice to others – starting Day 1 off this way will help you start out the New Year feeling good and set the tone for the year!



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