Jeepers Creepers Halloween mask

You have to check out this awesome Jeepers Creepers Halloween mask! This is the next best thing to a werewolf mask if you are looking for ideas for Halloween. I can’t ever remember anyone dressing in a Creeper costume for Halloween, you probably would be safe from running into anyone with the same costume. If I had to choose between this Jeepers Creepers mask or a werewolf mask it would be a tough choice. The only downside of this costume is that it will cost a bit more than what the budget probably allows but would definitely be worth it ($104). If you add the hat as one of your accessories to your order of the Creeper mask there will be around a $40 difference. The website says they produce and are selling masks under license from MGM so the quality of the mask must be super awesome, a great Hollywood type mask for sure! This would be great if you had an adult Halloween party to attend and you really wanted to make an impression.

.Jeeper Creeper

But! Before the party you have to go Creep out the kids, it would be soo easy with this scary Creeper mask



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  1. kevin Naylor says:

    Where can I get one of the masks from? [email protected]

  1. October 30, 2009

    […] The Jeepers Creepers Costume and Mask is an excellent choice. The mask is half human-half monster, almost like Freddy Krueger. Terrifying […]

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