Jersey Devil makes special appearance? Hoax or Real?

An image is circulating the internet of what some are claiming is the Jersey Devil flying through the air. The photo was taken on a cell phone by an Atlantic security guard in Galloway, New Jersey. The photographer claims the image has not been photoshopped and is actually what he saw – an odd creature that looks like a goat with wings flying through the air.

With halloween approaching, many claim that the sighting is nothing but a hoax. What do you think?

Here is the image captured by the security guard:

New Jersey residents seem to want to make you believe the Jersey Devil is busy! Someone else captured this supposed footage of the Jersey Devil flying through the air…..



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2 Responses

  1. Austin Robinson says:

    Looks photoshopped to me.

  2. Marney says:

    or some jumping squirrel

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