Jersey Devil

Close to the past 300 years or so, a monstrous creature has been eye-witnessed by thousands of people in the area that is now the Pine Barrens area of southern New Jersey. The creature is said to be the cause of animal deaths and has been named the “Jersey Devil” (or is sometimes  referred to as the “Leeds Devil“. )  There are a few different versions of how the legendary Jersey Devil actually came to be, however the most common version goes something like this – a woman, called Mrs. Leeds, gave birth for the 13th time.  The woman, who was believed to be a witch, proclaimed that she wished her child was a devil. The child was born with hooves, claws, a tail, and wings, and was proclaimed a devil.  A few variations of this story exist, another version for example, says that a woman named Mrs. Shrouds, gave birth to a child in Leeds Point, NJ. She hoped that the baby she had was a devil, and then gave birth to a deformed baby with wings. It is said the devil destroyed its whole family.

Jersey Devil

Artist rendering of Jersey Devil

The story of the Jersey Devil is curious as it has persisted for hundreds of years.   The devil has been blamed for things such as dead animals, strange tracks, and odd sounds. There are some that swear they have actually seen the monster  (sightings are continually reported every year, including this year),with most sightings centering around the towns of Mays Landing, Chatsworth, Little Egg Harbor, and Galloway.  Others say it is just an old wives tale created by the people that settled the area in the 1700s as a means of explaining their fear of the unknown surroundings.   In 1957, it has even been said that the remains of a body bearing a resemblance to the description of the Jersey Devil was found in the woods by the Department of Conservation.  Oddly, sightings were reported even after the body was found leading many to believe that the creature had not actually died and still others to point to that as proof that the creature was not real to begin with.  There are however many that believe the creature is in fact real, and many studies and much research have been done to prove it’s existence – or non-existence.

The main characteristics that describe the Jersey Devil vary, but most seem to include some of the following:  feet like hooves, wings like a bat, head like a dog, face like a horse, claws, forked tail, glowing red eyes, and antlers.

The video below for example, seeks out Harry Leeds, a supposed relative of the Jersey Devil who shows investigators the secret location of  the birthplace of the Jersey Devil:



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    Lol I think its a rather addictive game.

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  2. Nice discussion about conspiracy theories.
    Found something out that intriuges me. I’m actually not Wolven. The Wolf is my Totem Animal. I myself am a Demonic Draconian.
    @ Lunar: Tetris is BOSS! By the way, yeah I’m a gen behind, but being able to post from my BlackBerry Tour, also BOSS!!

  3. llyon says:

    i know imma get roasted for this.. but nice to see that the hot topic is who is still who is what. no offence sor

  4. @Lunar: It is addictive b/c you always think you can do better! lol..

  5. Lunar says:

    @Sorath “Rayne” Coraxo:
    Yes, it is good to see you again. With you having been gone I now know how you feel when the idiots come upon this site. It is rather annoying to say the least. I know nothing about the tour I’m afraid. The only black berry I ever owned was the storm.


    So true!! And you realy don’t realize you have played it that long until you look at the clock

  6. @Lunar: lol yeah, its all fun and games til the wrong idiot says the wrong thing. The Tour is a great phone.

  7. Lunar says:

    So true. As for the phone, I am rather happy with my droid. Its good to see you back

  8. Greyr says:

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    shots a cannon at ya! think fast!

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    *watches your cannon knock a dodo bird out of a tree a couple feet from me*

    Did anyone ever tell you you have bad aim? What did that bird ever do to you? Though I must admit, I always did wonder what they tasted like. Now I never liked cannons unless they are pie cannons. 🙂

    *throws a banana cream pie at you complete with a banana phone baked inside*

  13. Lunar says:

    To everyone else… don’t ask… just saying whatever comes to mind. Its a random mess…

  14. Greyr says:

    @Lunar WELL THAT WAS I WAS AIMING FOR! the dodo bird becomes infected with the cannon becoming a dodo monster with a strength as strong as a werecat or w/e. then the dodo monster attacks Lunar and thanks for the pie anyway i really needed that lol XD

  15. Lunar says:

    For some reason I’m unafraid. Werecat? Psh, bring it 🙂 lol

    Lol that phone is rigged.. glad you enjoyed it.. can’t wait for the fireworks

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    @Lunar i said strength of a werecat. its a dodo monster with a strentgh of a werecat. i use monsters cause well i dont like myself get dirty and all the hard work is too troublesome so have fun lol XD

  17. Lunar says:

    Eh, wonder what it would taste like for dinner?

  18. @Lunar:

    it tastes like poooo…. because of the cannon

  19. now…. summon ninja cats!!!!

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    come on you life is in danger

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    will you talk

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    this virus was ment to kill werewoves(pure blood) but it mutated to a new virus called t-69

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    dodo monster charges at unknown.

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