Kentucky Werewolf Sighting nicknamed Bearilla

It makes sense that you would find werewolves in the state of Kentucky. The state has plenty of wild game (including deer and turkey) for the werewolf that enjoy a bit of a chase, not to mention Kentucky is particularly well-known for its huge free-ranging elk herd. Kentucky also has plenty of remote places werewolves love to settle into, as well as plenty of places werewolves can seek for solitude – including the world’s longest cave system.

So when werewolves were sighted in the state, it should have been unsurprising! Nevertheless, people were shocked to discover that they had (at least one) shapeshifter in their midst. The sightings started back in 1944 in the more rural back woods parts of the state, specifically the “Gateway” region (located between the Bluegrass region and the Eastern Kentucky Mountains) – hence the werewolf was nicknamed the “Gateway Werewolf“.

This is not the only name for the werewolf however. Whether it’s because locals are actually seeing a creature that is not in fact a werewolf, or because they are unwilling to accept that it is indeed a werewolf that they are seeing, the creature has also been nicknamed “Bearilla“.

The creature was given the name “Bearilla” because of its supposed resemblance to a bear wolf hybrid. Eye-witness accounts describe it as being six to seven feet tall with a white or silver/grey coat. Bearilla sightings describe it as having the body of a bear, human-like hands, claw-like nails, and the face, snout, and fangs of a wolf.

Despite the fact that there have been multiple documented sightings of Bearilla, there is still great controversy over whether or not the creature is real. The first sighting happened in the 40s, and there have been intermittent sightings since that date. Supposed evidence of the creature has also been left behind in the form of a footprint that was made into a plaster cast.  Interestingly however, there have been no confirmed physical sightings of “Bearilla” in at least the past decade.

There have however been sightings of other strange creatures very recently in Kentucky. Locals describe a very large create that is all black and has yellow piercing eyes – much like a panther. Media and wildlife officials however deny the existence of black panthers in the area where the sightings occur…claiming there is no way the creature that people are seeing could be panthers. Locals however are insistent that they are seeing something….whether it’s a panther or a creature of legend however,  is unclear.

Learn more about the search for Bearilla:

Local sightings of a panther-like creature that wildlife officials claim could not exist in Kentucky:



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4 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    “Panther” (cougar) sighting in my home state of KY go back like 200 years, and even our most respected state Wildlife department says more or less they are here, just can prove it enough for science yet, but will. There is fairly good vedio evidence, but not good enough yet.
    As for werewolfs… No… We do get roving shy black bears. Whenever one is discovered and shipped back to the bear habitat area in the Appalachians. 9 times out of 10 there was a Bigfoot sighting somewhere nearby recently.

  2. Fuzzii says:

    Google Taylor Kentucky. They have dogman / werewolf stories! And so do we in the UK !!

  3. KitchiLupe says:

    Hm.. in the end, I doubt it really matters.

  4. D. Baker says:

    2011, pennyrile state forest park in came within 25 feet from me..grey colored wolf like / ape like creature..and I’m not the only one who has seen it..also a much larger black wolf/human creature has been spotted by many…its real…I dont know what it is…but these things are being spotted within a 25 mile radius of the state park

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