Find a Halloween Costume at the last minute

Werewolves, goblins, ghouls, vampires, monsters – you’re going to see them all tonight! Hopefully out on the street and not terrorizing you.  If you’re reading this entry though, it means that you’ve waited to the last halloween moment like I asked you not to, and you still dont have a halloween costume! So, here are some ideas for last minute halloween costumes…..last minute costume idea 1. The Printable Mask (just print it off the internet, and you’ve got a halloween mask! You can be an animal (like a wolf!), monster, witch…there are tons of choices. Great for kids.  Last minute halloween costume idea 2. If you’re going with someone else, you can each dress as the other person! This doesn’t even require that you buy anything! Easy and great for those looking for something cheap.  Last minute halloween costume idea 3. Go super traditional- be a robber (all you have to do is dress in black and put panty hose over your head! or how about be a ghost – if you’ve got an old sheet, just cut out the eyes. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and you’ll probably get a few laughs! Last minute costume idea 4. Go to sam’s and buy alot of toilet paper, wrap yourself up in it and be a mummy! Last minute costume idea 5. I saw this somewhere and it’s cute and easy – Cereal Killer Costume! Get an old sweatshirt and glue boxes of cereal to your shirt, make sure the cereal boxes are partially torn or cut up, glue some stray pieces of cereal around your shirt…you’re a cereal killer!




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