Looking for Werewolves? Full Moon Tonight!

Tonight is the third to last full moon of the year.  For those of you interested in finding a werewolf, tonight is the night to get out there and look!

Newer werewolves who do not yet have the ability to transform usually tranform when the moon is full, which is tonight! Werewolves are especially likely to go on the prowl and attack tonight.  With so much urban area, it is becoming increasingly hard to spot what might be a werewolf attack…it just all blends in with urban crazyiness.  For those of you who live in more of a country area however, you have a better chance at spotting a werewolf, or identifying a werewolf attack.

But for everyone searching for werewolves regardless of where you live, be vigilant for things out of the ordinary.  Dogs barking at the woods.  Distant howling (especially in urban areas).  Animals that are spooked for seemingly no reason.  Also, pay attention to your own 6th sense.  If you feel the hairs rise on the back of your neck, or see something moving out of the corner of your eye when you’re outside – these too can be clues that there is something lurking around watching you.  Werewolves do not want you to see them until they are ready to be seen, so pay careful attention to everything around you, especially tonight while the moon is full.



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468 Responses

  1. noob101 says:

    wud anyone let me join their pack?

  2. dom says:

    i only attck them if they dissver it but if they get in the way thats there falt not are’s i would reather project them then attck them

  3. We Are Always Watching says:

    how are all you werewolves doing on this fine day

  4. Selinath says:

    I believe most of us are doing just well..

  5. Suki Foxx says:

    wow your finaly back and ready to die so soon?

  6. Solemn Wolf says:

    The topic of werewolves is very sensitive, I myself have come to be skeptical of most people who say they are, in fact, werewolves. For me it’s easy to spot many RP’rs and the sort, simply because they base their definition of werewolves on those from the movies. If werewolves were the way they are depicted (usually), there would be TONS of media on them simply because people who did not want to be them, would simply turn themselves in. For this reason I have come to the conclusion that werwolves are not this way. For a basic definition of what I know werewolves to be, go to http://werewolfcalendar.com/werewolffactandlore.html
    I’m not trying to argue or be short with everyone, I am simply trying to put out a better picture of werewolves.

  7. llyon says:

    i have 2 questions for the vampires here.

    1) how do vampiers age??(i don’t think you can say they don’t becouse i think they must, can’t stay this young for ever)

    2)how often do you feed on humans? why and how??

    i am confused at this point in time. for those who don’t understand then read the darren shan “cirque du freak” saga

  8. noob101 says:

    dammit. so i guess there aren’t any packs who want another member?

  9. White walf says:

    If there are any more werewalves out there come and find me

  10. werepyre kingknight says:

    dont hunt us

  11. werepyre kingknight says:

    my pack is looking

  12. werepyre kingknight says:

    ne one need a new member, iwas researching-see love werewolves-

  13. phil says:

    i just had my first m-shift ineed to know wat parts of my body to focus energy on

  14. maX says:

    ilyon due to being a werepyre i know a bit bout the vamps but not loads,but apparently the cirque du freak series is very similar but vamps are findin ways to not be so dependant on humans and look to the soya approach,but ill get my mate to come on here he s 1

  15. maX says:

    phil by any chance r u on the 43 ways?

  16. AngelWolf says:

    1) if you’re going to fake a werewolf, spell it right. not “werewalf”.

    2) Llyon, they do age (don’t know how much lily fed)

    3) don’t go by the fairytales. having “s e x” with a were is NOT a known cause, only one written up in a book.

    and 4) Solemn Wolf, you are correct. I too know there are plenty RPs here. It’s very easy to tell.

  17. AngelWolf2 says:

    does my pic work???

  18. angelwolf2 says:


  19. angelwolf2 says:

    what the crap???

  20. JAD says:

    wair woolf xD

  21. SKYFANG says:

    hey anybody live in tennessee

  22. bloodwolf says:

    Youre all just werewolf want to be slaves

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