Lost packs

There are so many werewolves and humans out there that are lost. Many who are roaming around without a home or a safe place to hangout. Many who feel too different to interact with the rest of the world. Is feeling uncomfortable and out of place normal for humans and werewolves? How can there be so many out there without a pack without a group to be a part of?

There are some out there that operate better when not in wolf packs, some that love the solitude. They love the feeling of being alone and do not appreaciate others getting in their business. It’s hard to say who is more independent, the one who runs in packs with many friends and allies or the one who keeps to himself, the one who seeks solitude.

Becoming part of a group or pack can have its benefits. There wil always be someone there for you when you need it. The drawback to that is that even when you don’t need anything at all there will be someone there in your business. Other benefits is the constant protection of all members in the pack, you will almost never have to worry about threatening situations if you stay close to your group.

The lone wolf. Solitude is the other side. The one who insists on running it all by him/herself and there is nothing wrong with that. Independence from the group is where you should begin to gain a nice foundation for your own criteria of guidlines for life. Form your own opinions before allowing others to cloud your views on life. If you never make the decisions on your own you may never fully understand all the consequesnces involved as when you are to make a decision as a group. You will have noone else to blame for your failure or lack of control. The group or pack will not be there to relieve some of the pressure off of your possible bad decision making.

Are packs better than being a loner? I have to say that it is better to start out alone than with others, this way you will fully understand all your decisions and firsthand suffer the consequences of them. If you join a pack immediately your decisions rest on the entire groups shoulders. Everyone can point at one another for making the bad decision and no one ever take responsibility. It will always be easier to blame another than to blame yourself.  This is why you must first learn to live with yourself than to live with others.



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  1. Alpha wolf Rayne says:

    I would have to agree, if you begin as a loner, you do learn a lot by ourself, but i would recommend for those who have no one to turn to at all to seek out a pack, simply for protection. I would hate to see wolves die because of the fact that they wanted to be a loner.

  2. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    hi you still on?

  3. me says:

    hehe true ^^

  4. Wolf. says:

    You also need to take into consideration that a pack is there to guide, not just shove you around. I know of a lot of wolves who almost didn’t make it because of not having a pack. Wolves=pack. Learning on your own is great in certain cases but if you have no one to show you how to control yourself you could be in some real trouble.

  5. Breezy says:

    good times, i was born a werewolf and born into a pack. i have been with five packs in my life, and my current pack i couldn’t see me leaving, plus i’m alphess.

    • Wolf Chloe says:

      Cool, i’ve been with one pack but they are really nice actully. Their family not just friends. One of my alphas are extreamly nice! He let me sleep half of the time i had to hunt.

  6. small wolf says:

    i wish i was in a pack mostly for protection i cant protect myself im still to young is 11 to young?

  7. Padfoot says:

    Well… My school is full of nutjobs that think they are werewolves and vampires so it gets hard to trust anyone in a pack. So I’ve never been in a pack. There is only one legit werewolf and a vampire I know of. The werewolf currently hates me and I can’t find the vamp, I just know she is in the school

  8. alex says:

    Can anyone halp me tell me how to become a werewolf step by step pleas?

  9. alex says:

    Hello is ayoe online pleas how doyou become a werewolf? I wana be one

  10. fang says:

    You idiots can only be born werewolves. this is why i hate humans they should just stay there puny human state.

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @Fang: You do realise that even if you’re posibly a werewolf, you’re still human, so you just insulted yourself. It’s quite obvious you’re not in a pack, I’m pretty sure they all would have disscused that with everyone.

    • Wolf Chloe says:

      lycanhope you know im in a pack in its all worked out,we fight sometimes ( if were in a bad mood or have little food) but we are great together.

  12. Wolf Chloe says:

    They are right. If you start out in a pack and you end up getting kicked out, well your in for something youll have to figure out yourself.

  13. Kelly (just is) says:

    Was born one, and i’m a loner. I dont know any others but i think i’d like to join a pack if i could.

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @WolfChloe: Yeah, finding a good pack is great.

  15. KC says:

    @Lycanhope: hey im only a human that has three werewolves and two vampires that think they are what they say they are….. how uses going

  16. Lycanhope says:

    Umm, fine? I’m subscribed to Chat but I can’t reply, so I’ll just say now that I think they’re all posers. The people you know that is.

  17. Lee Ann says:

    I asked for a ‘like’ button… Not a ‘howl’ button… If I wanted to ‘howl’ at someone I would just yell at them… Honest effort though.

  18. Sliverstar says:

    @fang: I very much agree with you.

  19. KC says:

    @KC: kk but can there be real werewolves and vampire’s in my town…….and yer the one who said he’s a vampire was only jokeing but Erick and elliot is still saying they are wolves….. yer im not really going to belive anyone who say they are vampies or wolves anymore so if they are telling the troth i wot belive them….so all up im only going to say to them that they are lieing that means EVERYONE ON THIS SITE WHO SAY THEY ARE WOLVES OR VAMPIRES ARE LIEING THATS MEANS YOU CAN ALL BLAM Lycanhope FOR MAKEING ME BELIVE THEY ARE NOT REAL…..SO EVERYONE WHO SAY THEY ARE VAMPIRES AND WOLVES ON THIS SITE ARE ALL FAKING IT AND ARE BORED OF THERE LIFE……SO ALL UP VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES ARE NOT REAL ONLY IN BOOKES AND MADE UP STORYS……SO GET A LIFE …… IM GOING TO COME BACK AND SEE WHAT YOU ALL HAVE SAID AND WE CAN TALK ABOUT WHAT I SAID……. and if you say that you are vampires or werewolves than tell me why you think you are what you say you are…… FROM KC 😛

  20. Slivermoon says:

    Well why are you on this site then?
    And maybe you should get a LIFE!!!!!

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @KC: I’ll ask you a counter question: Why do you ask for people’s opinion on whether they’re werewolves or not if you’re going to explode in semi-psychotic rage when you hear the wrong answer?
    I couldn’t care less what you do and don’t believe in, I’m not going to stop existing just because you don’t think I should. The only reason I stick around here is a) public relations (which I’ve given up all hope for, as there are too many people like you, and posers giving bad impressions) and b) To keep an eye out for possible actual weres on the wrong path and nudge them in the right direction.

  22. Actually Lycanhope has helped me when i thought i was going to go crazy with finding out who and what i really am and i ‘m thankful for the help but you dont have to believe any thing you dont want belive in (but even though you dont believe doesn’t make the fact go away that some have fath and the freedom to see what is really out there) but Slivermoon has a point if you dont want to here everyone’s story then dont get back on this site

  23. KC says:

    @Slivermoon: hey i only went on this site last night because i finsh talking to my bf and my friend was’it talking to me and im sorry and its up to you……wolves or vampires can be real and i still want to go on this wabe site so all up im sorry and i was tird and when i type the message it was 1am in the morning.

  24. Lycanhope says:

    @Wolf at heart: Thanks for sticking up for me, 🙂
    @KC: I’ve done the same thing on occaision, don’t worry about it, 🙂

  25. KC says:

    @Lycanhope: thx….yer i would love to see a real werewolf and vampires and im still haveing dreams about werewolves and vampires and i have’it watch any dvds or show about them for like a moth now….. Lycanhope do you have fb or anything like that ?

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