lunar behavior

Full moon behavior: How the full moon affects our lives.

Have you ever noticed how people act weird during the approach of and particularly on the night of the full moon? If you havent noticed you should take note of the next full moon and observe peoples actions because they might be acting weird for more of a reason than just to act… weird…

Lunar behavior is noticable among many people, and if you stop to observe you will find that as the full moon approaches people will start to act weirder and weirder. It might just be in subtle ways though such as a normally “happy go lucky” person with tons of energy on normal nights or days all of the sudden will be in a quiet blazay mood with a noticeable attitude change south. You might even have an extra wild night out and think that it was just “one of those nights” where you wake up and wonder what the heck happened last night, only to realize that it was the night of a full moon. But for most people they do not put the two together, most people do not realize that whether we like it or not the moons cycle has an effect on nature and we are part of nature that is affected.

These are just minor examples of what lunar behavior does to people and although there is not scientific evidence of this activity one study did show that there might be links of evidence between nights of the full moon and an increase in activity of emergency responders evidenced by an increase in visitor-ship to emergency officials. Those increases are associated with odd, abnormal, and extreme forms of behavior with wild activity during nights of the full moon.

Although most people will associate odd forms of behavior not with the full moon but with random human occurrences or “happenings,” you can’t help but think… are werewolves not the only beings being controlled by the full moon.



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25 Responses

  1. pklett92 says:

    i usually find myself wanting to do something active when the full moon comes around. Most commonly I end up going to a local fight. Or I sign up to fight someone. It feeds me XP

  2. elsin says:

    I recently found out that when there is a fullmoon out i am more protective and lovingly when im around people i care about. When there is a new moon i feel dark something left my body. im more aggrivated and i cant feel pain. IF anyone has any comment on this please message me asap. I am unsettled by this.

  3. Wolf of light says:

    sounds like you were change to a werewolf but you are not a full wolf.
    Want to know more?

  4. elsin says:

    Yes please

  5. elsin says:

    IF anyone has any information of what im going through please let me know

  6. Aconissa says:

    Well, some of the old druid legends say the new moon is a dark time, so maybe thats why you feel dark and agrivated

  7. elsin says:

    So am i a were or spiritual what?

  8. Aconissa says:

    Maybe neither. The moon has power over the tides, so maybe you as well

  9. elsin says:

    Yeah i thought about that. Your probably right i may just be making to big of a deal out of this. THANK YOU

  10. Aconissa says:

    Happy to help. I hope you dont have bad problems with it in the future 🙂

  11. elsin says:

    i was kinda hoping i was becoming one ya know. I have had a fascination with wolves all my life. But maybe thats where it needs to stay.

  12. Aconissa says:

    I totally know what you mean. Im not a werewolf, Ive never even met one, but I LOVE them. I am so crazy about them. I agree, its probably best to just be fascinated with them, but you can still hope…

  13. elsin says:

    aint that the truth here is to hoping *raises his mug*

  14. Aconissa says:

    To hoping! *Clinks mug*

  15. does anyone other than me get a high amount of energy when there’s only a week until the next full moon?

  16. knowledge seeker says:

    yes anonamous i do too. hello my friends im back.

  17. Aconissa says:

    @knowledge seeker: Welcome back!!! Where’d you go anyway?

  18. lightening says:

    @knowledge seeker: hello there. I joined this place probably a week ago I I’ve never seen you before, just wanted to say hi. (oh and I like your name, it’s cool)

  19. Rin18 says:

    anyone got a understanding or reason for why i have dreams of running through the hills and woods during the week of a full moon and of the new moon, i havent been able to interprut

  20. Andi says:

    Is there any way to tell if you are a werewolf? The only definite sign I’ve come across so far on this website is nocturnal tendencies. I think I might be one but I don’t know. I also have a tendency to be easily angered during the days of the full moon and lust-filled in the nights. Thunderstorms fill me with a longing to run and to never stop. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere, and I would really appreciate some help, please!

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @Andi: Whilst nocturnal tendencies can be a good indicator that you should investigate further, it isn’t a sign in itself, just a sign of possibility.
    Also, anger is a misconception, and lust-filled doesn’t even make sense from a wolf’s point of view.
    Really, I don’t have enough info to go by here. An answer in your own words as to why you think you’re a werewolf, as well as what you hope to achieve from it, would be helpful.

  1. July 19, 2010

    […] as an indicator of what human behavior might be like on that particular day; odd and curious lunar behavior is not that […]

  2. August 14, 2010

    […] Well, Lunar behavior to many people is something of  concern, and even as recently as the 1980′s we can directly find video evidence of people observing weird and sometimes dangerous human activity during full lunar nights. The full moon human activity that was so prominent that a news story was reported about the human activity and how it relates to the moon. Share it. Send it. Save it. […]

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