Lyncanthropy as a pyschological condition

This is a good example of how werewolves get a bad name. Humans come down with a psychological condition which makes them do bad things, and doctors erroneously term it lycanthropy blaming werewolves…keeping true werewolves in the shadow for fear of getting the stigma given to these humans…



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13 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    haha, we don’t need this we are real and true to ourselves, bring on the fight

  2. Jarlath says:

    Just because we are true to ourselves doesn’t mean the least bit to them.

  3. pklett92 says:

    the mature way to respond to this would be to ignore it…its like having some one talk smack about you in school and having to make a decision on what your going to do about it…

    you guys should watch the music video for waking the demon by bullet for my valentine…

  4. pklett92 says:

    I love how all of you take these things as a personal threat…

  5. llyon says:

    they are not threats just insults…. our rage builds as the days wear on.

  6. Jarlath says:

    Rage for what? Please explain.

  7. pklett92 says:

    Mabe we are actually trying to help you, or rather the government doesnt want citizens to know that there are obtainable powers out there beyond the knowledge of ordinary life, so we say it is psychological. We know that the government has acces to knowledge concerning a mix between a human and wolf genes which by the way has become quite a large project…search more into this by going to Suki Foxx’s web site…

  8. Ever : always fighting:) says:

    the condition is very sirious and i think people should stop acting like we are aliens and try to treat us normally. i am 12 and have no friends because of this. only one true friend who will stick by me. school is so hard and people howl at me as i walk by them. IT IS NOT FAIR! dose anyone else really have this condition.

  9. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    hell im an actual werewolf and believe me when u hit high school u will need some friends or else people will get suspicious they will take action even make you get help from a phsycologist if you have to lie it will pay off even if their only fake friends take my advise i have 6 true friends and only 2 know my true self oh and also get in a relationship with someone you like the kids will stop teasing you i was picked on for 5 years before i got sick of it and just played their game i almost killed a kid in 3rd grade thats when it started for me if you have to lie in school and play their game it will go away after a while hell my turn around was when i saved 8 kids from major trouble they owed me big now im just left alone no geting picked on no more “concerned” phsiciatrists it may have took some lieing and some fake stories but it does pay off mainly their afraid of you, you are superior to them and they know it thats why they pick on you

    i hope this helps

  10. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    well actually not so much a werewolf as a wolf mind and soul traped in a human body i fight like a wolf and think like a wolf and if pushed to far the body of a wolf to a tee when i almost killed that kid in third grade i had just transformed for the first time and i was already mad and he hit me in the gut for no reason so i picked him up by the throat and started to strangle him i also bit him in 3 places once on each arm and on his right shoulder it took 4 teachers and 3 6th grders to get me off him he moved away the next day dont make the mistake of ever fighting like a wolf in a fight try to take them out with either a kick to the chin or punch to the nose or back of the head its the best way to fight and dont send them to the emergency room that will only make things worse the cops will get involved and you might go to juive or actual jail and do not start the fight only attack when attacked

    again i hope this helps

  11. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    i just ate a 10 lb ham im still hungery

  12. me says:

    ahhahahahah! even though i am human i still think that story was really worth hearing about and i think its very great that you really showed him what life was all about! LOL! ^^

  13. Zakiya says:

    i have one friend who almost gets it, and shes just as crazy as i am so we have a lot of common ground

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