Meaning of growls

If you growl at a werewolf it might be the last noise you ever make!meaning of growls

Although growls from animals can mean any number of things, they can very generally be broken down into two basic types of growls – a serious growl that is vocalized as a warning sound (for example when a potential threat is nearby), and playful or affectionate growls that are vocalized during an activity (such as when playing a game). A rule of thumb to help you tell the difference, is when listening to growls in the animal kingdom, the lower the pitch, the more aggressive the behavior!

Growls, for werewolves however differ from this.  Werewolf growls are much much simpler to dissect as they essentially generally mean one thing – they are a sound meant as an aggressive warning vocalization, indicating a potentially serious altercation may be about to transpire if whatever behavior is happening does not stop. Playful and affectionate growls from werewolves are not very common at all and will not be interpreted as such by a werewolf.

It is therefore unwise, even in less serious moments to growl at a werewolf. Do not attempt a “playful” growl at a werewolf. Growling at a werewolf signifies that you are instigating some type of act of aggression towards him or her and will not be responded to kindly.

What about snarling?



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6 Responses

  1. Shadow Howler says:

    It’s been WAY too long since I was last on here.

  2. Shadow Hunter says:

    Lol. Same here. :/

  3. ILiekPizza says:

    I’ve growled whenever I have pushed myself too far during a workout. Othertimes its because I was extremely pissed at something or someone.

    I’ve never really had anything growl at me viciously before.

    Me and my dog when she was still alive use to play around all the time. When she was gnawing on things I would crawl up to her and slowly reach out to show I was about to grab it. She would stare at my hand and growl and start biting the object. I would then engage her in a fun game of tug-o-war.

    She would always win because she would start biting up the object until her teeth were close to my hand. She never bit me though. I miss her. 🙁

  4. Yes a low long growl means “back off” and a loud one means “I’m angry!”

  5. A werewolf may growl while smiling this is a playful growl.

  6. Varen says:

    I’ve only growled when I was actually angry enough to take a swipe at someone.
    That and a gently growl towards a female wolf I was trying to be uh, friendly with.
    She kicked my ass.

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