meaning of life of a werewolf

Why do werewolves even exist? What is their purpose on our earth? (not that they arnt from earth) Some of us live our entire lives and never realize what our purpose in life was or is, although some of us are enlightened at some point during our journey. Ahh… the meaning of life, dont we all wish we knew the meaning? This would make our “job” much easier. Tell me why I am here, what I am here for, and I can get the job done! Sorry, this is not possible, it doesn’t work this way, there is no clear reason, no clear answer for human or werewolf. Maybe the purpose of the werewolves life and “race,” the “meaning of life” is simple. To survive, to reproduce, to protect, or maybe just eat, to make an appearance on our food chain?! Why do werewolves exist? To take over the world? (hardly!) To make the world a better place? (don’t think so!) To protect humans from immanent disaster or threat? (nope!)

Why do werewolves exist?!

What is the meaning of life for a werewolf?

Is the meaning of life for the werewolf the same as the meaning of life for the human “in the werewolf”? What I am saying is that if you are a werewolf, when you transform from human to werewolf, is the meaning of your werewolf life the same as it were when you were human? No! All lives have different meanings, and the life of the werewolf is different from the life of humans. The werewolf would have a different “meaning” of life than a human.

These are two different lives. Two different meanings.



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  1. I suppose werewolves are here for the same reason as humans,

    To be.

    There are too many reasons for humans to be here, the same as weres, so I’ve made a catch all.

    They are here just, to be.

  2. padfoot says:

    i dont know about you guys
    but im here to have fun
    thats my philosophy

  3. Whitetip says:

    I was taught that we protected humans from vampires at one time till the vampires poisoned their minds completely

  4. Whitetip says:

    And started attacking us…..

  5. Darkhowl says:

    I am a real Werewolf, but I am like a human, just, different, I learn the same and I just like fighting like a wolf, growling, blood(the taste of it), and I have five of my six senses sharpened, my sixth sense is the ability to feel danger or aggresion, my sight is lacking, though it bothers me not. I am here bacause I was given birth to, I think I was born normal, but A dog attacked me at the age of seven, it was a strange attack but I won’t go into detail, but It may have been a werewolf, but however, my friend is a Vampire, she is acctually my mentor. I can’t howl quite right yet, but Vampires are different because they are pale, go alittle blind in sunlight, and do drink blood. Write back, anyone!

    • starr says:

      i really like this, could you give me more information on you and your vampire friend i would like to write a story on it but most of what i read seems oddly untrue, but yours seems true. Are there rules in being a wolf? can you take out your top and bottom fangs when ever you fell threathen? do your eyes change colors? and can you run fast in human form?

  6. The Journeyman says:

    There is no meaning to life as such, although, simply put and maybe better said, you’d do well to live your life with meaning, for life means something different and varied to each and every one of us that there is no generic answer to the original question.

  7. I agree. Life is something few make something of. Those people don’t know an opportunity if it hit ’em in the face.

  8. Life has been known to be corrupt. Many people plan to do something reasonable, but life comes in and ruins it. Life is hard, but fair. If things happen, they happen for a reason. Things turn out better than expected this way. Whenever you feel as if life is unbearable, remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up.

  9. me says:

    on for about an hour starting right now. ^^

  10. Värlôc says:

    “I was adopted. My real parents are dead. My foster parents were vampires, and so were their biological children. This all happened a few weeks before I became a lycan.

    “After my attack, they began to treat me differently. I expected this to happen. I also began to treat them differently. I was more rebellious than usual. I would always eat a lot of meat and some veggies during dinner. I often secluded myself from the rest of my foster family. The only one who I really felt for was my sister. She was around two years older than I, and would always be around to comfort me when I needed it. Hatred was fueled against most of my family when they kicked me out for being a werewolf, but she took me to her house and let me reside there. She would let me sleep in her bed with her if I was scared or something. God, how I loved her…”

    That was from my second book of my Motown Werewolf Saga. Just to give y’all a little taste of what’s to come soon…

  11. devilishlygrim says:


  12. Lycanhope says:

    @Starr: Rules- None that I can think of, obviously you don’t kill people but that’s unneccesary anyway. There is the PNR, but that’s more than a rule.
    Fangs- ? What do you mean by that? Are they retractactable? If that’s the case then no.
    Eyes- Yes, but there are plenty of ordinary reasons for that. Anyone could probably do it if they put their mind to it.
    Human running- Human form is not affected by wolf characteristics. Behavioural instincts sure, but no physical things without shifting.

  13. 1: Respect the Elders
    2: Teach the young
    3: Cooperate with the pack
    4: Play when you can
    5: Hunt when you must
    6: Rest inbetween
    7: Share your affections
    8: Voice your feelings
    9: Leave your mark.

    The mind of wolf is this:

    The Wolf heart is this:

    The Wolf Spirit is this:
    Dexterity,Endurance,Perseverance,Determination and Adaptability.

  14. Lycanhope says:

    Very deep SilentStrider.

  15. Name says:

    Just wonder, is it easy to become a werewolf in Norway?

  16. Radrian says:

    I heard that werewolves were sent by god to fight vampires.

  17. zooteene says:

    I’ve watched vampire diaries and they have werewolves in it too. In that show werewolves are there to hunt down and kill vampires (and fyi I too am crazy about werewoves

  18. Konner says:

    Hold on. I’m curious to ask, no offense. I watched the history from TV. Werewolves live in Michigan and Vampires live in Las Vegas. I haven’t hear any news if there were fight between werewolves and vampires. there should have a blood split or dead bodies anywhere.

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