Month of the Werewolf

October is month of the werewolf!october halloween werewolf

With the passing of the fall equinox at the end of September, October, marks the first month that breaks from summer. The days start getting shorter and shorter, the nights stretch longer and longer, and more people stay indoors. With people holing up inside, werewolves can roam outside with much more security than they could in summer. Less people means less eyes, which means more freedom for the werewolf. And then there’s the cold. October typically brings the first true frost of the year, signalling that winter is about to arrive.  And this cold weather – something that many humans dread about winter, the werewolf welcomes as a cool relief – an opportunity to use their unique body chemistry to enjoy the changing of the seasons without too much uncomfortableness.

And finally, it cannot be overlooked that October culminates with the year-long wait and arrival of halloween.  And while some laugh the halloween holiday off as an over-commercialized holiday that does not have a real connection to the werewolf, the truth is that halloween is a chance like no other for the werewolf.  Humans dress up like ghouls, demons, ghosts, vampires, and even werewolves.  The werewolf in transformed state can practically walk shoulder to shoulder amongst the humans unnoticed.  It is taken for granted that he is simply another costume.  Halloween is the chance for the werewolf to be himself as if the world was not afraid of him.  As if werewolves were readily and easily believed in.

October is the month of the werewolf!!!



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54 Responses

  1. Tia :) says:

    @Shadow Hunter: I bet your better then me.

  2. Shadow Hunter says:

    Maybe so.

  3. Tia :) says:

    I sent you a friend request.

  4. Shadow Hunter says:

    Send ZeldazLove72 a friend request cuz i’m on my brothers account.

  5. Tia :) says:

    It said that its full. :/

  6. Shadow Hunter says:

    Delete my brothers account from your friends. I didn’t mean to like accept. Delete his acount and i’ll accept you on mine. I’ll exit the game i’m in. then join.

  7. Shadow Hunter says:

    I’ll join you. start a game. And send a party invite so we can talk.

  8. Tia :) says:

    I don’t have a mic

  9. Shadow Hunter says:

    Join my session now!

  10. Tia :) says:

    Car’t find it can you add me

  11. Shadow Hunter says:

    Delete my brothers account from your friends. Add my account.

  12. Tia :) says:

    I car’t get on. This is what it said, The gamertag you entered does not exist on Xbox LIVE.

  13. Shadow Hunter says:

    I don’t have xbox live on my account. only on my brothers. Send a message to my account then i’ll add you.

  14. Tia :) says:

    I car’t less its xbox live. :/

  15. Tia :) says:

    you need xbox live

  16. Shadow Hunter says:

    You entered it wrong cuz I just did the same and it said the same thing. I sent you a message.

  17. Tia :) says:

    Hey im putting video chat on 😀

  18. astute newt says:

    k, sorry my xbox was bein a jerk.

  19. Tia :) says:

    @Shadow Hunter: That was cool. And not being mean but yer your voice does sound weid in a good why. 🙂 And sorry about asking if you was a wolf, i wanted to hear it from someone. 😀 You was talking to me,my friend Jem and Kye.

  20. Tia :) says:

    Hey is anyone on?

  21. lonewolf123 :x says:

    Shadow, did you have S*X with him last night? you said his scent was all over you.

  22. lonewolf123 :) says:

    Is dis our noo chatti-patti page wer wi gt blabbad too live?

  23. lonewolf123 says:

    WHAT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! who the he*l typed that?! that persons using my account! ISAAC!?!?!

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