So how can you figure out what the moon phase is at?  There are different ways to figure out the moon cycle– you can look on the internet, or up at the sky…or! you can look at your watch??  The Emotion Lab has a really cool watch design that monitors the moon phases – called the moonwatch!  The Moonwatch is a really interesting idea that isn’t even aimed at werewolves- it’s aimed at connecting a human with their emotions.  As Emotion Lab says:  “Moonwatch has been designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states.”

There is a wide belief that the moon does play an effect on a person’s emotions.  In fact alot of astrology is based on this idea called moon astrology.  In astrology it is believed that the sun is the ruler over your individuality and the moon is the ruler of your emotions and personality.


Moonwatch from The Emotion Lab





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