More people are afraid of this than of werewolves!

What causes your fear? Although werewolves have claws, fangs, and strength…many humans are more afraid of the tiniest of creatures than of werewolves. The creature I’m referring to? The spider! It is an irrational fear, as many spiders are not poisonous and are much smaller and more vulnerable than a human.  So what causes the fear? It’s hard to say, and psychologists have debated the point endlessly, referencing everything from evolutionary fears to cultural beliefs to the disgust factor.

So how afraid are you?  How does this video make you feel?  And after everything that you know about werewolves, which causes your hair to stand on end more!?

Are you more afraid of werewolves or spiders?

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  1. Austin Robinson says:

    I’m not afraid of either.

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