My life will never be the same

My life will never be the same
My life has changed
I have a new walk
A new way to talk
I’m stronger

I see things differently
This world of humanity
The facts are not the facts I thought
There’s shifting

It seems my life has changed
I can see things clearer than before
There are stars in the sky
that were black until now

And everything I thought I knew was wrong
And everything I knew I knew wasn’t right

My world was rocked by one small thing
That makes me see things differently
My life will never be the same
Now that I can say there’s more than just humanity



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10 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow. Are you a mind reader?

  2. Gold says:

    No he’s just a wolf

  3. hi i liked that poem it was awesome

  4. werewolfdex19 says:

    cool poem

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