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Myths, legends, and folklore of the wolf and werewolf

About Legends, about myths…

What is a myth?

A myth is a story told  and handed down through history that tries to explain natural phenomena’s.  Mythical beings such as mythological gods or goddesses created to explain where rain came from or how fire was born are some examples of what a myth teaches. The Native Americans, Romans, Egyptians, and the Mayans were common to this practice.

The Mayans designated “Chac” as the God of rain, the myth was that any rain was to the credit of Chac, Chac was in total control of the rain. Therefore, the Mayans has to concede to any “demands” that Chac wanted if the Mayans were to expect any rainfall.

The Mayan God of rain was a mythological God that controlled the rain for the civilization. Gods and Goddesses were a part of life for the civilization. Today, we understand these gods to be mythological beings that were the center of some civilizations but are not known to exist in our time.

What is a legend?

A legend is a story told that is know throughout history to be true. Often, legends are told by people who have heard the story from other people- who have heard the story from other people- who knows some people- who knows the person- who knows – “the legend.”

Because of the “handed down” events of “the legends” life, the story cannot be confirmed nor denied to be elaborated upon by the storyteller. The Legend himself is often one who has made some sort of historical significance to history that he or she has created a significant mark in peoples memories. The mark that the legend makes has created a tale of their life and the contribution to history and will almost always be remembered and retold as if it were true (even if it wasn’t).  Robin Hood is one example of a legend.

Other myths and Legends including some that are part werewolf:

Varluv: Some countries refer to the werewolf in a different term than you may recognize. This is an article for the Denmark, Norway, and Sweden’s reference to the werewolf.

American Werewolf: The American werewolf is unique.

The Kraken: From the depth of the sea the Kraken will rise.

Zombie vs Werewolf: The defense a zombie has against the werewolf.

Half Werewolf: There are full blooded humans that are werewolf too, but what if there were other “animals” that were part werewolf?

Falkland Island Wolf: An extinct wolf of South America.

The Wolfman: The story of the Moth creature.

Greek Mythology: Read about Damarchus, the Arcadian Olympian Boxer who transformed into a wolf in the Greek mythology.

The werewolf familiar: Nobleman throughout history used servants to carry out tasks, but what about the werewolf?

Loch Ness Monster: Robert H Rines encounter with the loch ness.

Werewolves are not alone?: If werewolves do exist this means that zombies, witches, vampires, and many other could exist. Right?

What is a zombie?: Lets start with a definition of what a zombie is and what they can do.

History of the Werewolf: A short article of, “The Werewolf Delusion,” which describes where the myth might have originated in North America

Werewolves and weredogs: The “Were” in werewolves, the dog in “weredog,” what does all this mean?!

Wolves becoming human: What types of creatures transform or change in their environment, and what if a wolf shifted into a human?

Is Bigfoot a werewolf? Comparisons of the bigfoot to the werewolf.

Half Vampire Half werewolf: Some call them were-vamps, or were-vampires; they are half vampire half werewolf hybrids.

Real werewolves: Stories and articles that make mention of the werewolf or a creature similar to it.

Who studies werewolf sightings?: There are people who study these mysterious sightings.

Werewolf facts: Facts about the werewolf.

Werewolves and Christmas

Common werewolf myths

Werewolf sightings in Virginia, USA

If I were a Zombie: A zombie state of mind, what would it be like to be a zombie?

Mythical Monster Museum: This is an article about a touring monster museum.

Werewolf Urban Legend: The werewolf urban legend and the impact on the past.

More than a werewolf myth…

Wolf’s Mona Monkey: This is an article about a monkey that is called a Wolf monkey: Cercopithecus wolfi. Oddly enough the monkey looks like a wolf!

Vampire Monkey: A monkey said to live and survive from blood, just like a vampire.

Werewolf Der Wehrwolf: A Nazi Germany commando elite force named (werewolf) during WWII.

Paraskevidekatriaphobia: Para who? The fear of Friday the 13th.

Apotropes ward off evil: There are actually things out there that can help you rid yourself of evil, like ridding yourself of a curse or spell.

Chupacabra: A short article on a supposed baby chupacabra.

Chupacabra: It’s like the land of Chupacabras in here! Here you go, read this article about the…guess it… yes! Chupacabra. This one in Texas.

Montauk Monster: A body of an animal washed offshore, this sparks another debate on the existence of werewolves.

Werewolf myth Dead meat smell: Do werewolves or flowers smell like dead meat?

Wolf fish: Another member of the living organisms that are not human but named with a Wolf-ish name. This one is an Atlantic fish called the Wolffish: Anarhichas lupus, which has large canine teeth!

Full Moon Dates

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