Big foot

mount everest
Wiki photo: Pavel Novak
mount everest

A Brief History of the Origins of BigFoot

The Big foot aka Sasquatch, Yeti, Ape Man, and Abominable snowman. The mysterious hairy ape-like creature that has been elusive for hundreds of years even though countless number of researchers are searching for him.

One of the first reports of such a creature was reported in 1832 by a British ethnologist B.H. Hodgson who had been working near the Himalayas. There with a crew he hired to conduct a project, they reported having seen a “furred, tailless, upright demon.”

abominable snowman and Yeti

Abominable Snowman Track

In 1951, during an excursion to the Summit of Mount Everest , Eric Shipton and Michael Ward made an odd discovery that added more evidence to the so called Yeti stories. This story had proof in pictures. During the excursion the mountaineers crossed paths with an oversized “ape-like” footprint imprinted into the snow of the tallest mountain in the world.

mount everest

Mount Everest Photo Credit: Pavel Novak

The men photographed the tracks and later informed the press of their discovery. Stories of the encounter with photographs of the Yeti tracks were published in many newspapers causing another spark in the mystery of the creature, a spark soo fierce that hunting licenses were said to be issued for anyone who could get the Bigfoot. Following the encounter and evidence of the first known footprint of the Yeti was an intense search for more evidence. This search lead to the discovery of more Yeti tracks but falling short of any more evidence.

The 1950’s was an exciting time for the Ape-Man creature and while flying high on the publicity and attention of the Yeti, a variant of the creature began to appear in other parts of the world.

In Canada reports of the Sasquatch spread throughout the culture probably appearing before this time but with the recent evidence in the Himalayas the Sasquatch gained some attention. So much attention that a “Sasquatch Hunt” was promoted to capture the creature. Following the Sasquatch the United States made claim to yet another variant which was being called, Bigfoot.

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