White Wolf

Retold by S.E. Schlosser

She snapped awake out of a deep sleep, screaming aloud in terror. In her nightmare, a large white wolf had been chasing her around and around the house, gaining on her with every step until it finally pounced on her and ripped out her throat. She lay shaking for hours, unable to sleep after such a terrifying dream.
But morning finally arrived, and the day was completely normal. Celia forgot all about her dream, until the moment her parents reminded her that they would be going out that night to celebrate their anniversary. Celia turned milk-white. In her dream, the white wolf had come to kill her while her parents were out celebrating their anniversary! She started shaking and begging them not to go.  Her parents were astonished at her behavior, and finally shamed her into staying home alone that night.
Fearfully, Celia locked herself into the house as soon as her parents left, checking every door and every window. She tried to laugh it off as she got into bed, and finally she shook off her irrational fear and fell asleep.
Celia snapped awake suddenly, every muscle tense. She heard the tinkling of falling glass from a broken window, and the snuffling sound of a snout pressed to the floor. It was the sound of a hunting wolf. A werewolf. Real wolves did not break into houses when there was plenty of game outside. She could hear the click-clicking of the creature’s claws on the wooden floor. The musky, foul smell of wet animal fur combined with the meaty breath of a carnivore, drifted into the room.
She could hear the werewolf’s panting right outside her bedroom. Then her body was out of bed and she sped through the bathroom and down the back stairs. She heard a soft growl and then the sound of animal feet pursuing her as she raced down the steps and tore open the back door. A glance at the window beside her showed a reflection of the werewolf leaping down the last few steps behind her.
Celia’s  feet screamed in protest as she ran painfully across the sharp gravel driveway toward the tool shed with its shovels and baseball bats. Anything she could use as a weapon. But the huge, red-eyed wolf was suddenly between her and the toolshed, stalking toward her. The cold wind pierced her skin as she turned and fled around the side of the house. She gasped as the white wolf howled and took off after her. She could hear the terrifying sound of the creature’s pounding feet.
Faster, faster, she commanded her legs, panting desperately against the fear choking her. She would run around the house and back down the driveway, she thought with the clarity of sheer horror. She felt the wolf snap at her back leg and felt the sting of teeth. She put on speed.
The wolf veered away from her suddenly, and she felt a rush of hope. She couldn’t hear the wolf now, couldn’t see it in the cloud-darkened night. She kept running around the house, heading back toward the tool shed. To her intense relief, she heard the sound of a car coming down the road in front of her house.  Her parents were back and would save her from the wolf!
Then her heart stopped in panic as she turned the last corner and saw the shape of the white wolf as it stood balanced on the porch railing right in front of her. It sprang upon Celia, huge teeth tearing into her flesh and ripping out her throat.  She fell under the weight of its body, hot blood spilling all over the ground, and died seconds after she hit the ground.  One minute later, her parent’s car pulled into the driveway, its headlights blinding the white wolf as it pulled toward the house.  Frightened, the wolf backed away from its kill and then ran away.

Used with permission of S.E. Schlosser and AmericanFolklore.net. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

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  1. Tia says:

    I do dream every night but the most scarytis dreams I have and make me wake up with tears in my eyes/crying is always on the full moon nights. Because it feels so real when I have dreams on the full moon nights. The dreams I have had on the full moon nights is I nearly get chock by Erick the boy that saids he is a wolf and all he’s friends was standing around chating wolves are real and we are wolves. Getting chase by Elliot and Erick and brady and them turning into wolves when they are chasing me. Talking to Elliot’s girlfriend then Elliot truns up and starts hugging me and taking me away. 🙁 I only started having these kinds of dreams this year and in all three of these dreams there is a full moon in them. 🙁 What the f is happening???

  2. i have a weird dream and its not about the supernatural stuff 🙂 something about a past classmate of mine. 🙂 we were on the same class(duh). and strangely we had a teacher who was incredibly insane and said that our project should be about some game like the PC 3d stuff type and that. so mah classmate said that we should go to her house cause that way we can focus more on it. when we got there i saw a man there yelling at her saying what are you doing and all and other stuff that was quite well sort of the child abuse type of manner in terms of words i was a bit angry about it and murmured silently(he never heard what i was murmuring :D) then after a few minutes of being in that dream i got annoyed even more of what that guy said and eventually… woked up and it was a dream and all… but thinking deeply about it gave me a thought that maybe that guy was her older brother and was likely her deep reason of why she was always like gonna kill herself if she ever had a low grade… poor girl but then again i am not so hat guy or do i sure because i never met tknow that that guy was absolutely the reason to why it was so lol my other dreams were about zombies btw and it sucked really hard cuz i really hate em! hate em! hate hate hate em! 🙂
    ok i finished my random story in about a minute hurray! another record! 😀

  3. silver wolf says:

    yo mr snoogel i am not going to be on here for a while

  4. ok well im not here all the time either lol >.<

  5. silver wolf says:

    @mr. snoogles!: no i am moving to a new school and a new state

  6. @silver wolf: mk but you still is will be on the net >.<

  7. werewolfdex19 says:

    this story is intense

  8. Wow. It has been like 6 to 10 months since i have been on here. & it seems as if more people have been chatting on here. But i have not seen Lonewolf123 post on here. I miss him so much. & so much has happened in the past few months that i cant even explain it. So crazy. I hope to be able to get on here more often & chat with some new people. Ill have to hope that my old friends will get on here & chat it up with me. So since all that has been said, is anyone on right now? Lol.

  9. I just wanna say that when i used to come on here & talk to all of my friends, Reptile was one of them. I recall him saying that he was getting off this site forever. But i have seen him post on the chat page. I have tried to see what he has been posting & who was actually talking to him, but so many people have posted on that page that it will not load properly. So i was just wondering why he stayed on this site. Im not callin him out or anything but im confused on how he said he was leaving but he did not keep his word & leave. :/ Unless he just changed his mind. I would like to actually get the chance to talk to him & see how things have been. I used to be really rude to him cuz he was rude to my friends & i. He doesnt post on this page anymore though. I just wanna say sorry & i will not act that way anymore. Sooo…yea.

  10. Hey guyzzzz. Anyone on?? 🙂

  11. ladyesman84 says:

    @Tia: if i was u then u would become a werewolf then it would be harder for them to kill u or they wont bother u

  12. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Tia: white wolves are real they live in the artic.

  13. Argharna Welyn says:

    @werewolfdex19: in deed its intense

  14. Tia says:

    @ladyesman84: I’m fine and anyway how would I because I don’t want to be a wolf. And I was thinking if they keep giving me death stares I could say this to them next time one of them go near me. ‘Hey, How is you’re wolfy game going’.

  15. Raven says:

    contact me at maximum ride .com my username is wolfgirl. i need knowledge.

  16. Onixe11 says:

    wow. This is pretty scary. Scarier than I thought it`d be.

  17. Floofy says:

    Ok Raven, I have joined maximumride.com and will find you to chat and help you get info.

  18. lonewolf666 says:

    Hey anyone on??????????

  19. Kaiji says:

    i had a dream that a strange man wearing a trenchcoat and a brown fedora hat pulled up in a brown minivan next to me and my friend while we were walking home from the park at, like, midnight or something. it was a full moon that night. the man handed me a large brown briefcase and told me not to let anyone see it. then he told me to howl at the moon if i saw any cars. we were right next to a road, obviously. there was much howling in my dream.

  20. rosie says:

    @Tia: you are
    haveing a werewolf’s dream, one of the people is a werewolf and he/she was walking around looking for you in werewolf
    state and your
    bain knew and was warning you

  21. im awesome says:

    that was a awesome story. I wonder what Celia’s parents think about leaving her home now

  22. Lovestar24 says:

    I don’t really like how Celia did not tell her parents that she sort of had a feeling that a white wolf was coming for her if she would have maybe her parents would have either stayed home or took her with them

  23. Malthael Wulfric says:

    i do wish to clarify that not ALL ware wolves are this bad, some of us do have self control, like me fore example and the rest of my pack.

  24. Wolfie says:

    Best story ever!!!!!! I know how to m-shift

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