Naturally born werewolves

Some of us are born werewolves. This point was recently brought up by one of our commentators, and it is such a good point, I wanted to reiterate it. We focus so much on humans that become werewolves and how to deal with the transformation, the judgment from humans, the confusion. But we hardly ever discuss that there are some that are actually born werewolves. They know no other way to live. They were never human, so don’t know what it’s like to have those basic human freedoms. Their whole lives they’ve been forced to be secretive.

These naturally born werewolves tend to be more generous towards humans. They see the fragility of the human race, and often try to study them in close-quarters. Never having been human themselves, they envy humans, and many of them become obsessed with trying to find some way to in fact become human themselves. These attempts will always be unsuccessful, because for the naturally-born werewolf, there will never be an opportunity for them to shed the mantle that makes them a werewolf. It is ingrained in who they are.



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48 Responses

  1. Suki Foxx says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade but nothing is impossible it may be improbable but never impossible.

    ps: if and when it rains on your parade bring out the slip n’ slide. lol

  2. pklett92 says:

    =( tear try to become human and we try to become wolf were is the logic?

  3. Suki Foxx says:

    lol pklett92 we all want to know what it is like to live like each other and i think thats enough to make that statement logical

  4. llyon says:

    haha, excatly…. well done love the post buddy

  5. jay says:

    Lol Its never an impossibility more of a improbability and i will always keep my hopes up and I’m not so frantic now i learned how to accept myself for me and no one else.

  6. Breezy says:

    some born wolves strive to be human, i know of some born werewolves including myself who wouldn’t any other way. though i’m the only naturally born werewolf in my pack.

  7. Breezy says:

    oh and i meant NOT strive to be human

  8. Re-searcha says:

    Why is it that there is about a years interval in each set of posts on this thing? From November 2009, we jump all the way to April 5 2010? and now I’m the latest one…..April 13. And please, please, please, please please, why are you all pretending to be werewolves. Even to the extent of talking about your packs and how you’ve come to live with been pure breed though also envying the human race. Seriously….why are you pretending to be werewolves. Why not pretend to be…I don’t know, a billionaire. At least you have a chance of becoming that through positive projection, but a werewolf? Seriously guys. You wouldn’t even know what a werewolf was if you never watched television, or read those funny novels. Before we know it one of you is going to claim to be infected with Gama radiation which subsequently turns you to you know who

  9. death by moon says:

    like i said earlier, your most likely scared of what we actually are, and might i add the truth. if you have to keep posting your bs maybe you shouldn’t be on this site.

  10. Re-searcha says:

    Hi death by moon…lol…I like the name, very fitting. Anyway, look, the only people who are posting bs here are you know who. Next thing someone’s gonna claim to be Frankenstein’s monster, or that half werewolf half vampire thing from that movie…what was it called? Underworld or some funniness like that. I only watch those things because my girlfriend likes horror movies. The thing is the these films aren’t even scary. And you know what buddy, I’m guessing neither are you.

  11. death by moon says:

    Those films are just hollywood bs and everyone knows it. what a real werewolf looks like is what we transform into. and since i know your going to call that bs maybe you should be open to the possibility that there are things out there some people don’t know about.

  12. soulwolf says:

    why do you guys have to spread it? mental transformation is 78% of it. now, please dont tell people any more than necesarry.

  13. Sorick says:

    Re-searcha, you should really leave the people on here alone. No offense, but know one cares whether you believe them or not. So please go type your crap where people will actually care what you say, not here.

  14. That guy says:

    re-searcha, it always makes me laugh to read the fights you have with everyone on this sight. i mean what is the point? nither side will ever convince the other, so you are waisting your time.

  15. alpha says:

    To soul wolf your an idiot and not a wolf go away or your going to have major probloms

  16. Lee Ann says:

    Wow your naive… That was posted last year in 2010.

  17. Lycanhope says:

    Naive and incorrect, m-shifting probably is 78%, if not 100%.

  18. werewolfitout says:

    Listen people werewolves are real and we werewolves dont want you negative non believers here. so take your stupid comments elsewhere!

  19. werewolfitout says:

    Listen people werewolves are real and we werewolves dont want you negative non-believers here. so take your stupid comments elsewhere! ps if you get nasty, i get even nastier!

  20. Lycanhope says:

    If that was aimed at re-searcher, like Lee Ann says that was last year, no point insulting him now.

  21. nathan says:

    @Breezy: wow im a hybrid 1/4 wolf 1/4 witch 1/4 demon 1/4 vampire

  22. william says:

    @nathan: cool!!me too!!

  23. I have proof that we ARE real.

    how did the werewolf come up. some guy jus t sees’s a wolf. and ift kills his sheep and his neighboor comes to the door with a plate of sheep. the experts say that but mideval Europeans weren’t so dumb keep in mind medieval werewolves had no tails and human eyes so let’s exclude wolf attacks. so what a mentally ill and disturbed guy created a half Hunan and half wolf monstrocity. I don’t think so cause noone would believe that guy.

  24. DarkenedSoul says:

    I don’t really know any of you… I’ve been reading your comments and after reading this I’m starting to understand what I was born with… I’m a natural born. A bit shy and nervous but I have a hard time fitting in. I’m also having hard times on other things related to werewolves… I don’t like telling people because they think I’m crazy or something. I always held the secret until I trusted someone enough…

  25. Lycanhope says:

    @DarkenedSoul: Smart plan.

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