New Bigfoot Video – Real or Hoax?

There is a new bigfoot video that is making the rounds on the internet of supposedly “brand new” footage of the illustrious hard-to-photograph yeti (aka bigfoot) and everyone is trying to figure out if it is real or a hoax. I’ve watched it and I have to say I think it is definitely a hoax…in fact, there are many things that point to this video being completely fake:

1.  Why is the video so grainy?  Today’s video cameras – even on cellphones are very good quality – much better quality than what appears in this video.  In fact, I dont think if I tried I could even get a video to record this grainy!

2.  Why dos the video start exactly when bigfoot is crossing the road?  How did the videographer have his camera ready to go at just the time that the creature was crossing?  If he was indeed driving, it would have taken at least a minute or two to get his camera, and by then the yeti would be gone….or at least on the other side of the road!

3.  The way the creature walks looks waaaay to human.  At one point he even lifts up his arm as if to wave.  This does not seem like a wild creature’s move.  Also, why is the creature walking so slowly?

4.  Why does the video end as soon as the bigfoot reaches the other side of the road?  If I actually caught a bigfoot on video, I would be recording for a while, staring at the spot where he disappeared into the trees hoping for him to reappear.

Here’s the new bigfoot video – you judge! I’ll tell you one thing that’s for certain, this is definitely not a werewolf. 🙂



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7 Responses

  1. pklett92 says:

    Where’s the video?

  2. rofl drunk guy in a bigfoot suit

  3. nasawolf37 says:

    How can anybody think that’s real

  4. onixe11 says:

    hoax, it dosent look remotely real

  5. she wolf says:

    Obviously not real. That’s just a drunk man walking down the road waving it’s arms to please the driver. HILARIOUS!

  6. austin robinson says:


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