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Hi Everyone! I’m Cooper and I am the official ilovewerewolves guest blogger. Just thought I’d throw out a few questions for everyone reading – Last night wasn’t even a full moon and I saw one of my fellow, local werewolves change shape. How is this possible? I heard rumors of a chemical compound that allows you to shift at your leisure. Has anyone heard of such a chem? I’d love to be in full form more often.


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619 Responses

  1. Brooke says:

    i’m leaving this site for good guys, this is too stupid for me to stay. All this fighting

  2. Kevkas says:

    @Samson: you act like one of those dudes who got his feelings hurt because a girl refused to give you any contact information but is going to give someone else a means of contacting her outside the site. if a girl is taken and not interested, life goes on dude. dont insult a girl for it. there are more out there. and if we’re the only ones who see it as such then how come usually we aren’t the only ones to call people on it. were not suppose to defend ourselves? just take everything but its alright for others to defend themselves? an hour or better ago you were calling brooke wrong for the same comment you’re making now. just drop it. conversate without the drama

  3. konno12moto says:

    @Samson: because i am not lightning, i never can be the person lightning is. because i am what people like you call retardes in the wrong way.

  4. Lunar says:

    Because i for one don’t believe anyone is anyone. I really don’t care anyway if someone does pretend to be someone else. If you are you are, if you aren’t you aren’t. I don’t care.

  5. Lunar says:

    No one should call you a retard. 🙁 That’s wrong of them.

  6. Samson says:

    @konno12moto: konno i got nothing against you brah……but this pasty azz biattch has gat to learn a lesson in manners. She just can’t say shiit and go ‘oh i say it to everyone, so it’s allowed’ if that’s the case i too can say ‘oh i say this to everyone……you are white trash big nosed belimic looking ugly flat chested hag lunar’

    She has to start to take responsibility for her stupid actions. There is no way I am gonna let this go just like that. And I know she got a stanky azzz cause she is on here all day, DOES THIS flat azzzed hag even shower??

  7. konno12moto says:

    hey guys i think i am going now, i think i might be making things worse.

  8. konno12moto says:

    @Samson: sam i really cant do this. but i think its time you back off before you hurt your self in this. trust me she does shower and she dose get out of the house. she just the one that likes talking to people. thats all

  9. Lunar says:

    I don’t blame you brooke but before you go I do have something to say. And no I’m not bashing you so relax. I do not know what caused you to dislike me or assume I was all these people and I’m really not worried about it. When you attacked me I have attacked you back and maybe all of it was not warrented. Most of it was irritation on both our parts from retarded and needless fights. For the record I do not think you are anyone on this site, and I do not really have any beef with you. You can take that how you want and reply how you want, it doesn’t matter, but I feel better letting you know that much.

  10. konno12moto says:

    @Samson: and another thing there is a way of doing jokes but after awhile when a person says stop you need to before you hurt that person and vise aversa

  11. Lunar says:

    Again thank you konno. But I’m really not worried about it. I apologized for offending and it went unwarrented, so the mature thing to do is ignore it. 🙂

  12. Samson says:

    Lunar you are an imbecile. So now you agree with lightening on the retard situation. You’re a fuking idiot you know that girl??? You had no inkling on what lightening was doing and with your pasty ugly face you stuck your nose in and disgusted the dude.

    and kevkas….your idiocy is outstanding now i’m sure you are friends with lunar. How can I be upset that a girl I don’t know, that a girl who could look like shiiit for all I know doesn’t give me her number?????? I mean it’s stupid to think that don’t you think. You two were meant for each other. The pasy queen and the plain old queen. To idiots role playing while other people their age are doing real stuff. Fuking dummies.

  13. konno12moto says:

    @Lunar: i uderstand,

  14. Kevkas says:

    she agreed with the retard thing way long back, when the arguement between me and lightening was happening moron. scroll back. im done, you just want to fight, nothing more.

  15. konno12moto says:

    @Samson: you now there is a thing called diffrent times. and i am on the night time going on mornig actully so sorry guys i have to go to bed lol catch you all later

  16. konno12moto says:

    good day guy i have to get to sleep before 8 30 comes my way

  17. Lunar says:

    I sent you a friend request

  18. konno12moto says:

    and thats in 8 hours and 5 muinits

  19. Lunar says:

    Just ignore him

  20. konno12moto says:

    @Lunar: ok i will except it

  21. Lunar says:

    and wow wth did my gravatar shut off for?

  22. Samson says:

    @Kevkas: kevkas the father that bore you is a moron and your mother is the b1tch that spread her legs for me to pisss in. Do you always come to lunars side, like a fuking mongrel. I bet you don’t get laid much man. I mean honestly, why are you on the computer? huh? You are on the computer with a profile pic of a black wolf, talking about therians and the nuianses of the different kinds of retards…hahahahahahah….do you know that everyone on here knows that you are probably a virginn. I just wonder who is more unattractive you are pasty lunar.

  23. Kevkas says:

    you know what’s funny?

  24. konno12moto says:

    let me know if you got it. i wrote some thing on you page.

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