New Twilight Eclipse Trailer

The newest Twilight Eclipse trailer has been released today! Here it is. It shows alot more the the last trailer that was released, a whole army of vampires, the werewolf pack, and of course Edward and Bella. The movie comes out June 30, 2010.

See the Eclipse Teaser Trailer.



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5 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    Warn her Jacob!!!! Tell her that da meany vampires are gonna kill her because shes making people puke all over the world! Hey i know theyre bad actors and give out the wrong vibe but anyone with abs like that could be a wererock for all I care! XD

  2. ill make a movie, it wont be like eclipse 😉

  3. Lee ann says:

    haha be my guest 😉

  4. Hachina says:

    lol jk xD

  5. Greyr says:

    yes….. at the four book the baby shall try to eat bella woohooooO!!!!

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