Next Full Moon for werewolves

Happy day after halloween everybody!  I know everybody probably saw their fair share of people dressed up as werewolves this halloween, but for anyone wanting to see real werewolves, keep in mind the next full-moon date – November 13 (a Thursday)!  Now, I’m not saying you can’t see a werewolf on a day other than a full moon there’s plenty of info on werewolf transformations on dates other than the full moon that prove otherwise, but new ones especially will transform on the full moon, and for novices looking to find werewolves, the full moon night is the best night to start looking.

Full Moon Dates for 2009



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543 Responses

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    i have a better option

  2. Wereboy says:

    they wont belive me

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  4. Hellius says:

    What’s the option?

  5. Wereboy says:

    their here they are banging hard and they seem mad

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    Devinator4711 @ Yahoo . com

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    I’m here

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    Scream-4me @ Hot mail . com

  12. sabrefang says:

    Yes you are here silent strike lol how are you today

  13. steven says:

    hey everyone lol

  14. She wolf says:

    wat up everyone jus t hunting wit my pck

  15. lee ann says:

    @She wolf: lemme know how that works out for you 😛

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