Next Full Moon for werewolves

Happy day after halloween everybody!  I know everybody probably saw their fair share of people dressed up as werewolves this halloween, but for anyone wanting to see real werewolves, keep in mind the next full-moon date – November 13 (a Thursday)!  Now, I’m not saying you can’t see a werewolf on a day other than a full moon there’s plenty of info on werewolf transformations on dates other than the full moon that prove otherwise, but new ones especially will transform on the full moon, and for novices looking to find werewolves, the full moon night is the best night to start looking.

Full Moon Dates for 2009



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543 Responses

  1. Hellius says:

    Followed your scent most likely. I’ve met one that’s apart of my best friend’s pack in human form once; he offered me weed. I lol’d.

    Are you just human?

  2. Hellius says:

    I’m in California.

  3. Wereboy says:

    want to talk on my website easy chat box

  4. Hellius says:

    Posted there just now.

  5. Hellius says:

    *yawn* I’m going to bed.

  6. Hellius says:

    Actually, never mind. Wereboy, the chatbox is lame and will only allow 60 messages per hour. What’d they say?

  7. Wereboy says:

    they are coming over rite now

  8. Hellius says:

    Why are they doing that?

  9. Wereboy says:

    they say they want to “talk”

  10. Hellius says:

    Um, make sure the doors are locked for one. What time is it there?

  11. Hellius says:

    …or you can just talk to them & stab one in the chest if they decide to get beasty.

  12. Wereboy says:

    there still faster than me

  13. Hellius says:

    I’d say just talk to them. They can’t kill you, right?

  14. Wereboy says:

    should i hop on my atv and run

  15. Hellius says:

    Werewolves can run faster than an atv.

  16. Hellius says:

    Just lock all the doors and call 911 or something.

  17. Wereboy says:

    what should i do i gave one a key becouse he came over alot

  18. Wereboy says:

    911 “i think a werewolf is trying to kill me” line goes ded

  19. Hellius says:

    I’d have to say that you’d probably have to call 911, dude.

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