Next time you are in a graveyard, BEWARE the fairy-wolf shapeshifters from Normandy called Lubins!

normandy werewolvesNext time you’re in a graveyard, you should know there is more there to fear than the undead…there might just be
a very different kind of werewolf hiding among the tombstones – fairies that shape-shift into wolves!

In Normandy, the aforementioned werewolf creature is called a “Lubin” (or someimtes lupin). The lubin is, depending on what literature you read, either a type of goblin or a type of fairie that can transform into a wolf!

Your greatest chance for sighting lubins would be in a church graveyard where it is believed that they gather in wolf form, dig up the dead and devour the remains. They typically have a leader, who can be identified as being larger than the rest, with some stories noting he/she is black-skinned.

Unlike traditional werewolves, lubins do not have a reputation for being vicious or fearsome, instead they are said to be very very shy, and often disappear whenever they hear or sense a human is near. Although their shyness typically means that you are unlikely to spot one, your chances of hearing one is considerably higher, for it is said that they could and do talk amongst themselves. Some stories indicate anything you hear from the lubins would be mostly in an unknown language. Other stories however indicate that when humans approache them they yell “Robert est mort! Robert est mort!” (which translates to Robert is dead! Robert is dead!) and then disappear.



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