“Am I a werewolf?”

So many humans need the answer to this question, but your are the only one who can say whether or not you are a werewolf. Look closely at your life, your lifestyle, lets start with one habit that may be an indication of becoming a weighted one.

It feels likes being nocturnal could be a symptom of what may be to come, a symptom of the inevitable shift that could happen.

Normal human patterns allow the human to sleep at night and be active during the daytime. The human should be able to tell a difference in the changes of sleep patterns of the lifestyle though, being able to sleep at night and then all of the sudden having to be awake at night might be an indication of the curse. It could be a sign of some changes that cannot be controled due to unnatural forces.

If it happens to me though I have to realize it! If I don’t realize the changes then I might just rationalize it as something else; I could just say “I wasn’t tired,” and blow it off. There are thousands of humans who cannot sleep at night, tons of humans that have to be awake at all hours of the night.

It might be the bug or disease though, the weighted ones infection spreads to all parts of the body with time. Before you see actual physical changes though the changes just may appear superficially through habits. It takes time for the werewolf from within to create a physical shift, but if you look closely at your lifestlyle you might be able to see indications that a shift is imminent, or at least that your are possibly “infected.”

Mainly this would apply to new werewolves, the ones who have the curse from within themselves, the ones who will become weighted ones but have yet to physically shift. The humans who are unsure if they are a werewolf or not and need answers to the biggest question, “am I a werewolf.”

Sleep patterns just might be a clear signal of that you have been “infected,” you very well may be a weighted one. You can’t just look at sleep patterns though, combine the patterns with other signs or indications that you might be cursed, then you might find your answer. Werewolf.



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  1. Becoming Weighted says:

    I have noticed my sleep patterns have changed. I also have hair where I didn’t have hair before. I think I might have a weighted one infection. This article has helped me in moving further down the path towards becoming a Werewolf, and the first step is admitting that “Yes, I am a werewolf, born of the night.”

    Actually, I just farted and judging by the smell, I believe I might instead be a zombie.

  2. kenzie says:

    am i a werewold i have an exzalent growl and holwing at the moon i might just be one dont you think?

  3. Dante says:

    at night i cant sleep and i dont no if it is a dream or real. I woke up one night and went in to the bathroom and I was a werewolf! and it was a full moon that night.

  4. Kasey says:

    I had something like that happen… i woke up one night, looked at myself, and i was covered in tawny fur, a white belly, mai wolf legs was hanging off the bed, and i had tail, i didnt think, so i went back to sleep, it happened to be a full moon

  5. Re-searcha says:

    Kasey, that happens to me but I am usually covered in bolood, and I am aware of what I do. Like when I aaate my history teacher and a woman in a park. I snuggled my snout in her belly as I feasted on her flesh. It was almost as good as a history teacher. When I woke up I am so ar-oused by the experience that I do it again, but this time in the day time where there is the possibility that I get caught, but no one will have the guts to stay and watch as a big werewolf is eeeting a babies head in the park. Humans are deliscious.

  6. Re-searcha says:

    that is what someone told me

  7. Re-searcha says:

    I just copied and pasted it

  8. Re-searcha says:

    I made the mistake of given this psyco my email address and that is what he told me. So please enough with the wolf fantazies. You are attracting crazies. And the persons name is Clock. and I think he is dangerous.

  9. Clo says:

    Researcha I bet you are an old man

  10. anonamous-werewolf says:

    i show every sign of being a werewolf. i would sleep during the day so i wouldn’t be tired but then everyone would suspect something.

  11. Kasey says:

    that person has issues 0.o’ major issues!! daaamn… that person.. is fuckin insane!! i aint never heard of a werewolf… go balistic like that. their obviously feral or just sadisticly insane

  12. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @Kasey: who are you talking to? if you’re talking to me…I DON’T HAVE ISSUES, I’M NOT INSANE, I’M NOT FERAL AND I’M NOT SADISTIC, I’M JUST HYPER!!!!!

  13. Wolf-Boy says:

    sleeping patterns? i can stay up all night, i usually sleep through half the day. Usually tired during daylight.

  14. Wolf-Boy says:

    lately i haven’t been tired at all, during th night, usually go to sleep from boredom. I’m starting to see things now, just saw a white orb figure out the cornwe of my eye.

  15. Good god!I must be one two!I am a walking in the day but at night time i hack out.And judging by my hate for warmth and that i have inhuman senses at nighttime.

  16. Tre says:

    Hi everyone! Im a werewolf (kinda new) I hope to meet others who can honestly help.. BTW anyone in illinois?

  17. Lee Ann says:

    Nice to meet you. I’m Canadian sorry

  18. Tre says:

    its ok Lee Ann its still nice to meet you

  19. (Wolf-Boy) says:

    Nice to y’all, I’ve been ‘nocturnal’ my whole life, always been. But my cousin tells me werewolf runs in the family blood, so this could be why. I didn’t just one day stop sleeping at night, but I’m not new. I reloads certain things at the age of 7 and I’m 15 now so I have experience with certain things and have payed attention to my life. So anything ur not sure of u can so me and I can tell u what I know. For 15 everyone always tells me I act more mature than my age so don’t think I’m just another kid, I’m also smarter than my age group.

  20. Tre says:

    So have you turned yet Wolf boy? and another question its about vamps though

  21. (Wolf-Boy) says:

    What is it? And I don’t have any memory of ever changing but I do black out a lot.

  22. Tre says:

    its a general question.. so how exactly to you know your about to change?

  23. (Wolf-Boy) says:

    I haven’t changed yet, or have any memory of it if I have. Idk what to look for, look around the site u might find an answe. If u do let me know though, and u can call me David btw. What’s your other question?

  24. Tre says:

    ok david…. Youre gonna have to think outside the box… Why would a vamp want witches grimriores?

  25. (Wolf-Boy) says:

    I don’t even know what that is..

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