On the existence of werewolves

There is absolutely no way that humans would ever admit the existence of werewolves, even if they were to see one with their own eyes. Take last year for example. Last year on a beach in Montauk East Hampton, NY a dead bloated body was found of what people have called a mysterious monster. Noone had been able to identify it as any specific animal (although there were many ideas), and it was dubbed the “Montauk Monster“.

Some people thought it looked like a bloated, hairless dog, others said it was simply a dead raccoon, while still others said it was a dead sea turtle. The only real concensus in this whole sighting seemed to be that although it was not really known exactly what kind of creature it was, it must be some creature humans already know about. Some creature already documented. Those who said otherwise were scorned.

The reason I’m sharing this story is just to show how even when humans are confronted with something questionable, they immediately look for the comfort of things they already know. They refuse to consider other possibilities. Despite eyewitness reports which said the creature was dog-like with a beak, and a flipper-like paw – humans still insisted it MUST be something normal.

Most humans refuse to believe in anything at all, even when presented with evidence otherwise. So, humans who are reading through this blog and say werewolves don’t exist – I urge you to think about the reactions to the Montauk Monster. Refusal to even consider the existence of anything out-of-the-ordinary – even when presented evidence to the contrary – only makes you narrow visioned. Do you still think werewolves don’t exist?

For the record, I don’t know what exactly the Montauk Monster was, but I won’t try and force a label on it such as sea turtle or raccoon. Yes, I’m willing to believe it could be one of those two, but I’m also willing to consider other possiblities.

Montauk Monster

Montauk Monster Mystery Creature

Montauk Monster Mystery Creature



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29 Responses

  1. A Real Werewolf says:

    it was a freakin pit bull that drowned i saw a freakin documentary on it about august they did dna testing and a hole bunch of other things

  2. Siberian Fox says:


  3. jatin says:

    hello! u beleive in existence of werewolf than please tell me that what make them change in full moon only.any suitable proof about its existence.on change does they remain in control and how much truth is in the movies.

  4. @jatin: you’ve watched WAY to many movies if you think we transform on the night of the full moon only. we can transform at will but it’s exaughsting. i’d have to say maybe…5% of the movies is true but the rest is bull.

  5. LordBearclaw says:

    You cannot transform at all. Humans are a type of primate, not lupine. If you were descended from lupines you would not have opposable thumbs and you would have a tail and a snout like face. Opposable thumbs are a trait of being a primate, not a lupine. Primate and lupine DNA are not compatible.

  6. annie francina says:

    i want to know are they still there

  7. lost wolf says:

    i am lost on how to find my TRUE name can some help me out

  8. M.A.X. says:

    Find me 😉

  9. look it up girl says:

    it cant be a pitbull if u look it up and type montauk monster in it shows other discoveries of such creatures genius its like the person said we as humans are afraid of the unknown it a pimitaive instinct cuz this thing could be of great danger to us or harmless. we dont know since no one has found one alive yet. when we humans discover somthing new we consider it dangerous first before actually analyzing what this new thing is after scientist examin and give us understandable info on the thing we find comfort we know now what it is we are safe and it might be killed since we know now the unknown.
    as for werewolves and such i dont know even as primate familys scientist have been hoping to combine human animal embryo in succesful hybrid or cybrid fusion and as seeing that werewolves are a type or hybrid it might be possible.
    if accomplished dna mixture will be possible it is being worked on now. im have no recent knowledge as to if its still going on. as for all that movie stuff i dont know movies industries are just trying to entertain ppl by giving werewolf people a time limit as to excite the audience so yeah dont believe everything. well dats all i got l8tr
    P.S. ppl please look up and research things before lashing out in ignorance and get answers

  10. Wolfygecko says:

    @jatin: I have read quite a few sites. One which I read a lot:

  11. lonewolf123 says:

    Werewolf magic doesnt work. wow.

  12. Shadow Hunter says:

    There is such thing and it works but not to turn you into a werewolf, I don’t think.

  13. lonewolf123 says:


  14. Shadow Hunter says:

    Yeah. Don’t be mad that I corrected you. I don’t want that fight to happen again. Sorrrrrryyyyyy.

  15. sam small says:

    until i see a true video in a locked room of a person physically transform i will say the closest you can get to being a werewolf is when rage takes over you humans in instances of extreme rage we revert back to our most primal form ready to fight to the death we lose all contact with reality and sanity even humanity and focus and think only of killing the target we have our eyes locked on and if not broken up could easily kill the person we are fighting its the primal rage inside all of us that naturally makes us animalistic and like wolves and in a time of crisis such as protecting someone we care about we will not stop until whatever is threatening them is either killed or is no longer a threat and we are willing to die to save our loved ones and kill to protect them so yes we are by nature almost werewolves

  16. violeta says:

    what do u mean we so ur a werewolf for real ! i believe in ur kind but i dont have any real knowledge about u and would like to understand u better . and how do u know if ur a werewolf ? is there serten signs?

  17. violeta says:

    im starting to freak !! ok the other day i got into a fight wid my bff and nearly ripped her head off . what to do now shes frightened of me, even though i didnt touch her i broke threw like 20 pencils wow wz that a day!!!!!

  18. sam small says:

    @violeta: in a way i am but allow me to share with you right now anyone who says you turn into an actual wolf is lying to you though werewolves are creatures based on myth it is still physically impossible to shift into a wolf for what should be obvious reasons the change is actually somewhat subtle your eyes turn black giving you perfect vision your canines grow sharp and pointed your nails grow slightly and become hard and pointed your senses are heightened beyond comprehension including strength speed healing also werewolves can be killed by any bullet not just silver the difference is a werewolf’s body heals much faster than a human body the change happens when you get to much of one emotion rage sadness even lust i guess anything that really gets your heart pounding now you asked about signs there are signs that you have to look for (sudden craving for meat,heightened senses that weren’t heightened before, extreme headaches and bouts of anger from nowhere, and if you feel really energized and powerful when the moon is out) the signs will be most prominent the week before the full moon you will be able to sense hear see and smell everything around you. if you have those symptoms there’s a good chance you may be one now the truth is that yes it does hurt your first time changing but its only temporary soon afterwords you will count the days till the next full moon i hope i answered your question to your liking iff you need anymore info just send me a message on here and i will try to continue to help you

  19. jason says:

    Those pictures look like the montauk monsters, everyone keeps telling me that the montauk monster is a pitbull but how does it look like a pitbull?

  20. jeremiah says:

    Sorry for the salty language I’m just a believer and don’t like ppl who aren’t.

  21. jeremiah says:

    They didn’t let in my first anyway werewolves exist and how do ya know if ya are one? I won a be a werewolf SO bad

  22. miracle says:

    @sam small: wouldn’t it be cool if humans can become werewolves, i have read all kinds of paranomals, but i really do wish werewolves are real. even if they are they would try to hide their existance and hide from humans. they probably interact together but we have no idea.

  23. miracle says:

    @sam small: how come u know about all these, looks like u are a werewolf. i could imagine that.probably not.

  24. miracle says:

    @jeremiah: me too, it not exacly about the immortality. but other stuff.

  25. el says:

    @jatin: Why are you on the webpage

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