pain but not during transformation

It is true that there is pain when transformation occurs or when you get close, the mind and body will become weak. The mind was not made for the type of stress it will be under while a change begins to take place, it’s not natural for humans. Black outs will occur, you may not transform completely, but your mind will have felt the pain of trying to transform, headaches are likely, sweat, and often losing consciousness for a brief period of time. Officially there is not a name for the black outs, the times when you may have felt transformation, but didn’t transform. You will wake human, you will not have transformed, and you will remember the pain.



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14 Responses

  1. Wolfman3 says:

    You are a very negative person….every topic you make is frickin depressing! Lighten up!

  2. wolfman2299 says:

    the pain thing is true if the person transformed because of anger but if the werewolf has a consious mind they will feel the pain.

  3. Wolfman3, I’m not intentionally trying to be negative… 🙂

  4. Wolfman3 says:

    It defanantly seems like it though

  5. how would a person P-shift in the first place? you still haven’t explained that.
    Also, theoretically of course, yes you would pass out, it would be from the pain.
    when (theoretically) you would P-shift it would be extremely painful (as I’ve pointed out before) and therefore you would pass out in a brief matter of time, your brain sending a signal to itself to shut down so that you do not have to endure it.

  6. Alice says:

    Hello, werewolves. I am your worst nightmare, I am Alice the other vampire on this site. What are all those shifting things P-shitftinh m-shifting. What’s the difference?

    • Brian & Midnight says:

      We will tolerate you and answer your questions. That doesn’t mean we trust you. Sorry, Midnight(my Dew werewolf) is extra pissy tonight. a P-shift is a physical shift were you (of course) physically shift into a wolf. M-shift is a mental shift, where you are in the body of a human but have the mind of a wolf. I apologize again for Midnight’s actions. He really despises you (the same way you despise us). I am just going to end it here.

  7. Alice says:

    Makes sense.

  8. Tepe's Child says:

    why name the shift if it pointless? is there truely any difference from one to the other? I would understand if it was a partial shift being p-shift, but doesn’t a partial shift cause more significant damage when you do change completly?

  9. Lycanhope says:

    So many idiots and trolls on this post…yuck.

    @Tepe’s Child: I’m presumming you’re referring to Suki’s statement that one type of shift is useless. This is untrue, they are both essential.

    As to pain, there should be none, regardless of whether or not the shift was partial or complete.

  10. kiwi831 says:

    Help! I just found out I am a werewolf, and im teffified about the full moon next week. also, my friend claims I shifted during a sleepover last week, but all I remember is passing out. what should I expect?

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @kiwi831: You should expect nothing. Have a nice week.

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