perception of what a werewolf fears

I’m angry. Frustrated. Confused. Hot. Wet. Cold. I’m at a breaking point.I wish I had faith now. I wish there were more to it than just a whole bunch of confusion. There could be more to life than this, except, who am I to find the better way? There is one path and I will travel this path my entire life all alone, fear of the unknown, fear of what I know. There should be fear, but if you have too much fear will you be taken by it? You could be brave, but if you embrace bravery will you be taken because of this? Will you live with this curse you entire life?Waking up and not knowing what will become of this is what is scary. 



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. “ Werewolves love being werewolves ”
    # 1 werewolf967 Says:
    September 24th, 2008 at 11:16 pm e
    I can understand why you misunderstood the meaning of my post. The title, “perception of what a werewolf fears” was meant to be understood from view of a human living with the curse of a werewolf.
    I need to be more specific next time. thanks.
    I don’t understand how a werewolf can love being a werewolf (per this post), or how he can love to be human, in my point of view the werewolf does not know of his human counterpart. (my response to buddy on this post)—>

  2. Lizbeth Osorio says:

    i would love to be a werewolf! i think that werewolves hate being wolves because this so calle curse is not taken so seriously, i mean think of all the possibilities a werewolf can do! Also he- or she, probably just wants to knw what its lyk to be human again, full human, they dont want to be freaks or something i myself find wolves very exciting, whether they are vicious or not, they’re badass dude!

  3. jakar says:

    u wanna be

  4. lalalalalalalalalalallaala says:

    i love this post. i know exactly how u feel. so your not alone.

  5. Isaak Canaan says:

    Now, all this makes me curiouser and curiouser. I could come flying out of the gates asking, “am I a werewolf/lycanthrope/weighted one/preferred name entered here”; a list a credentials seems cliché as well.. This only seems to irritate you, as it would me. So, instead, I’ll simply ask how any of you learned of this… gift?

  6. not telling name says:

    I don’t understand this post i mean i’m a werewolf and i love being one i don’t want to be human again…whats the deal with this post?

  7. Destiney says:

    Hate to tell you the truth, but I may be a werewolf. There are times I wake up ad have had morsels of raw meat scattered around me, and blood on my face. I crave rare meat and have sensations of howling at the moon at night. When I drive past a dark isolated forest at night, I feel like running wild and free. However, I don’t remember what I looked like after, or what I did. Since I live in the city, I rely on grocery store packaged raw meat. It may be hard to believe, but trust me when I say that when I look at a stranger, I have an urge to bite them, and to see what they taste like. CAll it whatever you will… but I was born like this. EVery full moon I twist and contort in agony. I wake up with my headboard scratched up, my walls, and doors. Its eerie and scary, but the feeling is so vivid. The smells of pine is so familiar. As a human, I can pick up more scents than any of the people I know. I can easily maneuver through darkness. Call it what you will.

  8. Alpha says:

    Ok one last this
    @Destiney: you dumba$$ cunt, if you are ganna come on here blubbering about talking shít look at the past fuçking conversations, the moon has no god damn control over us, we dont randomly trans-fuçking-form, we transform whenever we fuçking want you dumb cunt. We have full fuçking control over everything fuçking thing we motherfuçking do. People if your not a fuçkimg werewolf stop getting the fuçking on here and pretend you know what the fuçk you are talking about. Just shut you god damn mouth and get the fuçk off. There are sites for annoying ass roleplayer like your self so go to one of those bullshít sites and have at it.
    Thank you

    • Lycanhope says:

      AHAHA, we had the same idea I see

    • Wolf of Lore says:

      As if you are a true lycan. This site is already called “I love werewolves” that is a sign enough to not be on here. Also cut down on the vulgar, you don’t have to rage. This site is nothing but fakers, because if they were not fakers then guess what….we publicly announced we exist. We would have to be absolute retards to do such things. Shut up. Grow up. Leave others alone, they are more than likely our family of the wolf blood.

    • Lycanhope says:

      Well I can’t vouch for Alpha since I don’t know them overly well, though they have a tendency to be more rational than not, I can personally vouch for myself as being legitimate. Obviously vouching for yourself doesn’t hold much water, but the many years of being here and the MANY people I’ve earned the respect of does. And no, legitimate people pretty much never come here unless they’re lost, which is why I’m here, to steer them back to the right road.

      You on the other hand don’t seem overly legitimate, with your archaic terms and belief that there’s a need to stay hidden for whatever reason. I mean, “family of the wolf blood”? Really? Doesn’t that sound a bit culty and/or secret society to you?

  9. Alpha says:

    ya i finally snapped

    • WERElove says:

      well, i know i’m not werewolf but i would totally love to be one. 🙂
      i totally believe destiny actually, i mean, that sounds pretty convincing, and if its not true then they are an amazing writer.

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