Peter Stubbe’s werewolf trial

From human to werewolf, but how?

Probably the first well known documented case against a man claiming to be a werewolf was in the 1500’s by a man named Peter Stubbe. But how did Peter change from human to werewolf?

A human skeleton is unmistakable. How can a human skeleton go from this to werewolf?


The answer may be magical:

Peter Stubbe was a German man put on trial for acts and claims that he was a werewolf. Peter confessed to have been “possessed” by something he could not control. Putting on a belt, Peter claimed, enabled him to metamorphosize from human to wolf.


Are Peters claim that a magic belt helped transform him accurate to how we perceive werewolves today? Is it possible that somehow the belt Peter used was in fact cursed, or was Peter himself cursed? Or have new techniques for transformation been developed since Peter’s time?



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  1. llyon says:

    weel i allways thought that your size only altered a little bit, becouse of the growth of muscles. i think that the werewolf body mutates the human tissue and give extra “space” between the bones then hardens to give the bones extra length. so in fact the extended bones are really muscles that have hardend.

    so the idea of big lycans, is impossable. unless the human is big in body size.

  2. shadow usami says:

    well really i know alot of skinny were cteatures and all of witch transform fairly well so really the size is just hmmm how to say this without sounding bad not a problem we can easyly change we get 10 percent bigger than what we normally are and the more muscle we have as a human the harder it is to keep up with our diet so really it is not imposible in fact if we did not get bigger then we would not have room for all of out food

  3. llyon says:

    but we burn the energy so quickly that the food is passed through the body at speed

  4. pklett92 says:

    Im going to try wings

  5. llyon says:

    be very careful (i know it wont work). the lycan side of the transformation wil not allow the “wings” to happen couse you are set to merly change in to the part wolf part human, thing.

  6. Dream Catcher says:

    wow, read the story, the first guy to claim being transormed WAS NOT BORN a were, but transfored by a belt..

  7. Lycanhope says:

    Just read the case, and in my opinion he wasn’t an actual werewolf. More likely he had clinical lycanthropy and used that to rationalise the cannibilism, unable to accept he was responsible. Also, it’s impossible to change size, everything has to obey the laws of physics. You may change shape and structure but you still have the same mass as before.

  8. Astute Newt says:


  9. david says:

    help me! i want to become a werewolf so bad i’ve tried everything execpt getting bitten and that track drinking thing. but thoes are next on my list. please help me become one im starting to dought if they are real so please if you guys are real help me i’ll do anything. contact me [email protected] please im begging you

  10. JC Wardon says:

    I’m currently writing a series, and the book that I’m currently working on has werewolves in it. Specifically the hero, and the villain. I love to research and find different points of view on every subject that will make its way into my books. I am interested in what those here think it feels like to transform for the first time… And any other thoughts you have on the subject…


    JC Wardon

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @JC Wardon: As a long time veteran of this blog, I feel obligated to warn you that this isn’t a good place for accurate information.

    Generally, transformations shouldn’t hurt. That’s a common mistake. Pain is a sign something is happening that shouldn’t, which shouldn’t be the case here.

    Also, no “going insane when transformed” or bloodlust or any of that, we have a bad enough reputation as it is.

    If you want to be really accurate, axe the full moon requirements, but that may be required for whatever progression you’re planning so that’s not too important.

  12. questioning why he's here MAD DOG says:

    @JC Wardon: are you a real published author because the only JC I know book wise is JC Whitney the truck parts catalog

  13. JC Wardon says:

    I was just looking at the imprinting issue by Werewolf967… I like the idea that they don’t. That is too easy. I like more of a challenge when it comes to character conflicts. Do you have any thoughts, or agree/disagree with Werewolf967’s statement that imprinting doesn’t happen?


  14. Lycanhope says:

    @JC Wardon: Yeah, imprinting isn’t a thing. Obviously the “mate for life” thing comes into play, but that’s as close as it gets, and the human side helps to get over that in the event of a breakup or death.

  15. Nightwolf says:

    @jcwardon: no imprinting though we can fall in love…just normally like people do

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