Phases of the Moon

Werewolves have a historical relationship with the moon, so it can help to understand the phases of the moon. The normal moon phases that progress over the course of a month are listed below. The entire process takes approximately 29 1/2 days.

Phase 1. The New Moon – This is how the moon phase starts. the moon is between the sun and the earth, and to us the moon is entirely dark – we cannot see it at all.

Phase 2. Waxing Crescent Moon – The moon continues on its orbit and starts to light up in the sun and starts to appear. It is still less than half illuminated.

Phase 3. First Quarter Moon – Sometimes referred to as the “Half Mooon” or “First Quarter”. This occurs about a week into the moon cycle. The moon will appear half illuminated.

Phase 4. Waxing Gibbons Moon – The moon continues its orbit and now appears more than half lit up.

Phase 5. Full Moon – The Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment, however opposite to the new moon, the moon is now on the opposite side of the earth. The whole illuminated face of the moon is visible from earth making it appear “fully illuminated”. This occurs approximately 2 weeks into the cycle.

Phase 6. Waning Gibbons Moon – The moon has passed full, and is now on it’s way to appearing less than fully illuminated.

Phase 7. Third Quarter Moon – Sometimes called “Half Moon”. The moon is sill on its way to become unilluminated, and appears to observes that it is only half illuminated. This occurs about 24 days into the cycle.

Once the moon’s rotation is complete, the New Moon will begin again and the cycle repeats.



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11 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    Pretty useful thank you

  2. Carly says:

    hello every one. I find the moon quite interesting and romantic. Now we all know moonlight is reflected sun light- but in order for the light to reflect it must touch the surface of the moon. Now we feel the need to change during the full moon because there is more moonlight. Why do we care? because there is something ancient in the moon rock that stimulates our wolf blood. On the contrary, i have a theory that moon rock is kind of like a vampire’s kryptonite. When i enjoyed hunts with my vampire friend, she always hid in a huge cloak and didn’t expose any part of herself to the moon. it is just light, so it wouldn’t kill her, but she always said it just made her uncomfortable. I also theorize that the ancient substance in the moon rock that changes us is the opposite of silver- and vampires glorify silver. i notice that when i touch silver, i feel really uncomfortable. i have tried once to reflect sun light onto silver and see what happened, and i had the same symptoms to silver in sunlight as the vampire in the moonlight. So i think while silver is a werewolfs kryptonite and moonlight is a source of energy, it is vice versa for vampires- that is why some think they are harder to kill. There is very little moonlight on earth, on the contrary there is alot of silver.

  3. Carly says:

    i just realised something. NO thing on earth was designed to live forever the way vampires do. I am just coming up with this but it is a some what ligit theory. Maybe vampires came from a planet made mostly of silver. But then again, they need prey to sustain them. Maybe a werewolf ancestor- only a part of our ancient blood lived on the earth’s moon. Maybe that is the reason werewolves and vampires are enemies- because we glorify in their krptonite. Hmmm. Some thing to think on, but it is definatly a stretch and probably wrong.

  4. Carly says:

    yeah wow. It sounded kool in my mind and really dumb on paper… lol

  5. Carly says:

    on a more random note, i now know for sure that there is a werewolf who is trying to find me. Both my dogs have been stressed to their last nerve and something smells like a werewolf in my backyard. My dogs have gotten so desprit they have thried to chew through the fence. i dont know his intentions- i do know that it is a he for sure- but i am either about to get heaven or hell from him. it started the night of the half moon- sunday? any way i was in my base ment and i heard a howl unlike any wolf of human i had heard. it was lower than mine but it was beautiful. i was too scared to howl back. I heard him once after that. i also say a paw print too big to belong to my dog’s. It was a werewolf paw. I dont know what to do- i have to find him before my dogs go crazy!

  6. padfoot says:

    well put carly
    i have wondered why the moon affects us as it does
    i can’t comment on what you said about the vampire thing because i don’t know any
    in fact im pretty isolated where i am
    and don’t have any friends that i can relate to or hunt with

  7. John doe says:

    There are to things wrong here, 1 carly you are not like us, and 2 padfoot if you were like us, isolation would have killed you by now and drove you to the sang side, its lattin look it up, and for another thing, here you go so you wont spaz out, truth- there are 5 kinds and 3 kinds of those are extinct now, you will never know what kinds those are, and truth- we are not connected to the moon at all, we use it as a tool so the night is like day, we can see just as well as normal on the newmoon only the newbies have trouble and spaz at the full moon, and truth- you will never find us, we dont move in packs, we dont hunt anymore, too many risks of being hunted and killed or shot by some hill billy yahoo with a shot gun, yes regular bullits hurt, and hurt alot, and heres another thing that will blow your socks off, we age like normal people so get that immortality shit out your head, and screw the suck heads they are a waste and useless, and the only way you will ever find our kind is in small towns near the bigger ones and our blood is heavy with iron, our immune system is high, and we try to avoid drinking, and we are not anything like in the movies, and you will never be able to tell when 1 changes untill youve been given a good right hook and learn to fly, or untill you are in a need of help, we follow the old code, to protect humanity at any and all costs.

  8. John doe says:

    oh and carly, lock the gate well next time, and cut the briars off your fence, they hurt

  9. Whitetip says:

    Question… The moon obviously brings our instincts out but what kind of instinct does it affect on you guys? Apparently I am very lustful like then animal during the full phase.

  10. darkmoonman says:

    I have no idea why, my libido is always highest (and I’m most animalistic) from two days before until two days after the new moon (i.e. the dark of the moon). I had originally intended to take the on-line monicker “Newmoonman” until I discovered that a large portion of the populace believes erroneously that new moon = full moon.

    Carly, for an interesting spin on lifespans, read _Fragment_ by Warren Fahy.

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