Possible chupacabra sighting in North Carolina

In April of 2018 a picture started circulating on the internet of what some people believed to be a chupacabra caught on tape!

The photo is from an animal camera that was mounted in the woods in North Carolina as part of North Carolina’s Candid Critters Project. The picture was taken at night and is in black and white. It shows a four legged animal walking through the camera’s viewfinder. The animal has a pointed snout which is near the ground, pointed ears, and a long skiny, hairless tail. The entire animal’s body appears to be nearly hairless as well, although it is difficult to tell as the video is a little grainy and in black and white.

So could this possibly be a chupacabra

An animal expert was shown the photo and then interviewed as to their thoughts. The expert put forth her opinion on the matter, which is that she thinks the footage shows not a chupacabra, but rather a coyote that has a skin condition called mange. The expert indicates that mange is fairly common in red foxes and coyotes in North Carolina.

What do you think? Is this a chupacabra or a coyote with mange?!



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