Priest Vampire Movie 3D

Vampires are going 3D! The new vampire movie Priest is set for a 2011 release date – the movie is based on the Korean graphic novel of the same name about a priest who turns vampire hunter. And this movie, unlike the vampire movies of late, will not depict vampires as the good guy. In fact, in some interviews, director Scott Stewart has indicated the vampires are not your typical blood-suckers at all, but an altogether different type of non-human creature. The movie will star Paul Bettany (who also played Michael in the movie Legion, Dustfinger in the movie Inkheart, and Silas from the Da Vinci Code) in the title role as the priest.

Priest’s release date has been changed 3 times already – first scheduled for release last year, then pushed to this year, and now it’s been pushed out to next year! Apparently, the studio is saying the reason for this newest delay is that the movie is going 3D. So you’ll be able to see the vampires in all their 3D glory.

Vampires in 3D yeah!



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