questions for the werewolves

If you had a choice in the matter how would you choose? Do you want to be a werewolf? Why? Why do you want to be a werewolf!? If you woke up tomorrow and were a werewolf would you be happy? Would you realize that now you can live your life in happiness because you are a werewolf? A werewolf for the rest of your life in peace? Live part of your life human, and part of your life monster? Why do you want this? What is appealing about being monster? What is it that attracts you to want to be a monster? Human and monster? Not not just human? How much good can a monster do in our world? You say you will feed on small animals? How many until you run out? Get tired of them? Why do you want to be a werewolf?
You cant do it forever. Forever will seem like forever if you are a werewolf. This is a curse, not your gift.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. James Walton /Chief Stormcloud says:

    how?I was raised in a Christian family&taught that such things were considerd black magik/witch craft therefore not of God!

    • Lupe says:

      @Chief Stormcloud: Fine, I’ll bite. Not usual that I do.

      I’m not sure how Shamanic practices or beliefs work, plz don’t quote me on this. As far as my understanding goes, being a “wolf” as is understood on this site isn’t genetic. If it is, whatevs. It COULD be black magic, but does it have to be? According to some, “becoming a werewolf” has nothing to do with dark rituals. These are just theories tho, don’t quote me on this.

  2. Vathen says:

    I am a regular human, but I have always been fascinated by werewolves and longed to be one. I want to embrace the wolf and become one, to be a part of a pack. I just don’t know how to find others. What should I do?

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