On Sept 1, 2007, ABC News did an article on a chupacabra found which a woman from Texas found dead outside her ranch in Cuero, Texas. …apparently this is only one of three ugly fanged creatures found. She saved the body for DNA testing, and believes that it is what has been responsible for sucking the blood from her chickens (chupacabra actually means goat sucker in spanish). Vets claim that it is probably just a strange breed of dog. The pic on the left is from the Texan woman holding her photo of the found chupacabra.

For those who don’t know, the chupacabra is a mythical beast which is said to drink the blood of livestock (hence the name goat sucker). Sightings are prevalent in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Some sightings report it as resembling a reptile, others claim it looks like a dog or a wolf. Forked tongues and wings are also sometimes associated with the chupacabra. Drawing you’ll find on the internet make the chupacabra out to look like a weird alien creature.

So, is the chupacabra legend real? Based on fact? It appears it might be from this photo!



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9 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    Thylacine, or the animal better known as the tasmanian tiger. Looking at the size of it’s snout and other features, I think we may have found it’s American cousin. The Thylacine is said to be extinct but some say they have seen it. Maybe that long snout helps it smell us coming allowing it to be elusive. Chupacabras the cousin of the Thylacine? Maybe.

  2. HowlingMoon says:

    I’ve seen this on Monster Quest on the Discovery channel, i think it’s on that channel. Some scientists said it was a coyote with a disease called Mange. I think what you said may also be true Aaron.

  3. lee ann says:

    Wow, And I thought being a vampire was weird get a load of this thing!

  4. she wolf says:

    Ok. I have a babysitter and its a chupacabra. He’s quite old. He also need a cane to stand and walk. I was very polite towards him but when someone assault him. I will be as rude as I much until he/she says sorry to gigi(thats his name f.y.i)

  5. The Tasmanian wolf does not suck blood. But it may be a mutated canid of some kind.

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