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39 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    You are such an idiot! That’s a freaking mountain gorilla! What the h – e – double hockey stick! Open your eyes! Are you going blind?!

  2. logan says:

    its a bigfoot but theres two creature one looks like a WOOD ELF AND BIGFOOT

  3. Obfuscation says:

    That is a horrible picture. I can’t even tell what it is except that its rather dark.

  4. Andrew says:

    @Unknown: no it looks more like a baboon to me since it has the dog like face

  5. she wolf says:

    HEY! that’s not a mountain gorilla you idiot! It’s too big for a gorilla you know? That’s just a UIA (UnIdentified Animal). Maybe in some case this is just an undiscovered species of the ape family.

  6. she wolf says:

    If you would look closely at the picture it looks like it was carryind something like a skull or what. To me the picture is not scary but what made me frightened was the it is holding.

  7. Ranger837 says:

    Um well guys obviously its a ape of some kind and its holding a possum. or a little albino animal

  8. Rawr says:

    What the!? This is not a werewolf its daytime, and do you see EARS ON THAT THING!

  9. ArgentineBlood says:

    In my opinion, that is an ape. It looks to be holding something, like a rock or an albino animal. It isn’t a werewolf, it would have ears, a snout with the same color as his body, or white incase it has markings.

  10. Corrine Mandera says:

    This is called the Beast of Seven Chutes, in Canada. The photographer didnt see this figure til later when heviewed his photo, the figure is in the the lower left of the shot. It is a Gugwe, a type of a Dogman ( there are different types) with a baboonish face. They are 7 to 9 feet tall, live in more remote areas. It is holding an animal…dinner. A Canadian Provincial Police Constable told me a white dog had disappeared from a campsite in that area, it may or may not be that animal. Gugwe are very dangerous & will kill humans, will try to kill any Sasquatch or regular Dogmen trespassing in its area also. In the late 1800s out west, a newspaper had reported a creature that fit this description attacking miners who were able to kill it.

  1. October 6, 2011

    […] run from October 6 – 8 is meant to be a forum to discuss evidence on the existence of the yeti.  The conference will also include a formal expedition for the […]

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