Real Vampires

Real vampires???  Yes, there are people that are considered to be real vampires.  Humans consider real vampires to be part of the occult.  Most of the real vampires stay underground – meeting up in secret and keeping their identities secret just as werewolves do.  But there is a small pocket of real vampires that want to be known – they want to be famous.  These vampires have sought out media to make themselves known.  Interviews with them have appeared on mystery and discovery shows, and even talk shows such as Oprah.  Vampires in general tend to have something of an ego, so it is not surprising that this group of individuals is trying to make themselves known.  It should be noted however that not all vampires are comfortable with this level of attention, and those that have come out in public are often ousted from their communities.

Why do humans believe in real vampires? It is interesting that real vampires are accepted into human society alot easier than real werewolves.  Humans seem to be able to believe in vampires despite the fact that they drink blood, live forever, and have special powers.  But if you ask a human to believe in a werewolf they’ll look at you in confusion and disbelief.  Why would a human believe in one but not the other?  Especially when werewolves are closer to being human than vampires are?

There are probably a few reasons why there is such a disparity between the two beliefs.  The first is probably because vampires look more like humans than werewolves do.  Vampires have developed this skill over centuries.  In many cases, it is only their eyes which give them away.  Werewolves on the other hand transform and resemble humans much less during this process.

Another probably reason why human tend to believe in real vampires and not real werewolves is because they want to.  Vampires are portrayed as mysterious and sexy.  Werewolves on the other hand are portrayed as violent and ill-tempered.  Humans find themselves wanting to believe in real vampires because of the way they feel about them thanks to movies and novels, so are much more willing to accept them when they present themselves.



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190 Responses

  1. loleta says:

    can vampiers live for ever??

  2. werewolf says:

    im a werewolf and my freind is a vampire i will never tell our names

  3. Adrian Beistline says:

    Full of It.

  4. ruth says:

    vampires are real so are werewolves i know this personaly because my friend is werewolf and i am a vampre so ak us just about anythin

  5. ruth says:

    yes and no depends on if your full vamp then yes some vamp and other things no

  6. ruth says:

    ok you guys are nuts the only reason vamps and werewolves hide are because lets just say my family lost two kids because of lab experiment so that got passed around to our fmily around the world fats and now we are allvery carefull and yes i am a vampire and my friend is a werewolf

  7. ruth says:

    lee ann you better be lucky i dont know where you live because me and my friends are part werfwolf and part vampire and the tiniest of human like 1/100

  8. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    ssorry i change my name i was ruth so if you want to know more about this just look up and read about me and my family and friend

  9. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    my name is alice because if youve evr seen twilight alice cn read or not read bt see the future my name was ruth until about a week ago when my parents figured out what my powers where i cn seeth futurein pictures then when it happens its like seeing a movie again that youve seen like a year ago also im icredably fast the only problamo is that i have fragial bones also the flat babyteeth i lot came in as shap teeth i also have a craving or my boyfriends lood and my friend te werewof stinks rechedl

  10. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    sorry im bad with language

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @Alice/Ruth/WhateverYouAre: 1) Keep it in one post.
    2) Just…just stop talking. This is way too much stupid to be able to come out of one mouth.

  12. Lee Ann says:

    Was I just threatened by a Twihard?….

  13. Taylor says:

    yes werewolves and vampires are real. you might think im crazzy but im not because i am a werewolf and my friend is a vampire i never new that i was a werewolf till i was 8. i got mad at my friend when we were walking through the forest and she scratched me i got so madat here and i turned into a wolf not a lycan.

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