Real Vampires

Real vampires???  Yes, there are people that are considered to be real vampires.  Humans consider real vampires to be part of the occult.  Most of the real vampires stay underground – meeting up in secret and keeping their identities secret just as werewolves do.  But there is a small pocket of real vampires that want to be known – they want to be famous.  These vampires have sought out media to make themselves known.  Interviews with them have appeared on mystery and discovery shows, and even talk shows such as Oprah.  Vampires in general tend to have something of an ego, so it is not surprising that this group of individuals is trying to make themselves known.  It should be noted however that not all vampires are comfortable with this level of attention, and those that have come out in public are often ousted from their communities.

Why do humans believe in real vampires? It is interesting that real vampires are accepted into human society alot easier than real werewolves.  Humans seem to be able to believe in vampires despite the fact that they drink blood, live forever, and have special powers.  But if you ask a human to believe in a werewolf they’ll look at you in confusion and disbelief.  Why would a human believe in one but not the other?  Especially when werewolves are closer to being human than vampires are?

There are probably a few reasons why there is such a disparity between the two beliefs.  The first is probably because vampires look more like humans than werewolves do.  Vampires have developed this skill over centuries.  In many cases, it is only their eyes which give them away.  Werewolves on the other hand transform and resemble humans much less during this process.

Another probably reason why human tend to believe in real vampires and not real werewolves is because they want to.  Vampires are portrayed as mysterious and sexy.  Werewolves on the other hand are portrayed as violent and ill-tempered.  Humans find themselves wanting to believe in real vampires because of the way they feel about them thanks to movies and novels, so are much more willing to accept them when they present themselves.



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190 Responses

  1. james says:

    dr summers is very deep! go to there is a lot to read on the subject and its very interesting.

  2. knowledge seeker says:

    thanx james. can i get ur opinion on something? yesterday i woke up and my mate said i smelled like i was covered in b-l-o-o-d but there wasnt any on me or the bed or anyplace else. i never transformed into a werewolf that i know of could it be possible i did wolf out and just not remember it.

  3. Alyssa Kozumi (DaRk) says:

    thank you, i’m always onh xat, and i’m willing to share thoughts.

  4. james says:

    i have a theory on that knowledge seeker. what if when transformed in the past the scent of the b-l-o-o-d you consumed was excreted through your pores. it’s a possibility. just like when you drink alcohol or eat certain foods the scent is excreted through your pores and sometimes it takes days. i will do some more research for you to see what i come across, i appreciate you asking my opinion and i’ll do my best to find out what i can for you. it’s good to hear back from you Alyssa Kozumi , do you have any thoughts on my sleeping patterns and alienation from people?

  5. knowledge seeker says:

    i appreciate that james thank u so much. u r awesome.

  6. Anubis says:


    You see now you still have that arogant bastard attitude, what you seem to be forgetting is that the populace’s idea of a vampire changes with every generation, and as such none can truly be confirmed unless vampires are seen as the fastest evolving creatures who ever lived, which i do doubt you to accept, and since im sure you need an example of this, it was still believed in the early part of the decade for vampires to be hurt by sun light, and now and the start of a new decade, they are believed to have diamond skin

  7. knowledge seeker says:

    anubis u have any thoughts on my post? or james answer which i think makes a lot of sense.

  8. Re-searcha says:

    First of all, I will say this. YOU ARE ALL CONTRADICTING YOURSELVES.

    Have you noticed that now it’s not about OH I’M A WEREWOLF, but now it’s WE ARE JUST BELIEVERS….HAHAHAHA. Do you see? Do you see how you contradict yourselves?

    And another thing, why oh why oh boloody why would a werewolf be boloody offended that i’m calling him or her a liar, or dum? If you are what you say you are, shouldn’t I just be ignored? No scrap that, shouldn’t I just be a source of amusement?

    I think i’m getting the gist of this place. You are hoping to find a werewolf. No one here is one. And lee ann is definetely not a vampire, that much I know. All this is make belief, and I think I will be kinder to you lot.

  9. knowledge seeker says:

    re searcha just how do u know lee ann is not a vampyre are u lee ann are u in her body? i dont think so!! u think u know everything and that ur always right. u have a god complex maybe ur the lunatic. u may be able to get other people to say they are not actually what they claim 2 be just 2 shut u up but that doesnt mean they are contradicting themselves it means they are tired of hearing ur crap. im tired of u interupting whenever i post u post then people concentrate on debating u and dont pay attention to my posts because they r to busy dealing with ur annoying crap if u cant say anything nice then shut the hell up! u have no right 2 call anubis or anyone an arrogant bastard stop projecting and get some help.

  10. knowledge seeker says:

    u must live a very boring life if all u believe in is absolutes. no imagination or belief in anything supernatural wow u must be very shallow and uninteresting god if i was as dull as u i would curl up and die. btw u wouldnt know a werewolf or vampyre even if one bit u on the ass ewwww yuck that would prolly kill them on bite of u and they would die.

  11. Aconissa says:

    All hail knowledge seeker! You are so right! Re-searcha, people cant ignore you because you wont let them! You just keep posting the same thing over and over when people dont reply to it. So, who is contradicting themselves now?

  12. james says:

    my dear Re-searcha, i thought this was a Vampire and Werewolf discussion site, not a site to be criticized for believing. instead of criticizing everyone why don’t you enlighten us with what ever knowledge you believe to have. i’m interested in hearing your perspective in these matters. and if you don’t have any original thought of your own, then i think i speak for everyone when i say this, you should stop knocking all of us for searching for the truth.

  13. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @Re-searcha: GO F*** YOURSELF.

  14. anonamous-werewolf says:


  15. knowledge seeker says:

    thanks aconissa, james, and anonamous it ismy opinion that re searcha needs to research himself he needs good shrink . it just shows that he has nothing better 2 do than knock other people. i would do a spell to teach him a lesson but hes not worth my time.

  16. Aconissa says:

    Ok, everyone who wants re-searcha off this site say aye

  17. Shadows says:

    Why do you waste your time with re-searcha. Just ignore him. I don’t have time for petty games that he plays and the negativity he inflicts. The world only has so much time before you need to move onto other things, clearly all this person desires is the attention you are giving him otherwise they would have departed eons ago because clearly they are not welcome here. When you move onto other things, the problem dissapates.

  18. james says:

    i agree with you Shadows, lets move on and do what we came hear to do, learn and discuss whats important to us. knowledge seeker have you found out any more on what we discussed last? i have been doing a little research for you but i came up with some bogus intell. i’ll keep searching untill i find something solid.

  19. knowledge seeker says:

    aye aconissa i do want re searcha off this site so i think we should do what shadows suggests, although i do enjoy jousting with re searcha he comes unarmed. shadows u r right i will attempt to ignore re searcha.

  20. knowledge seeker says:

    james i havent found any information on our previous discussion either but i really appreciate your continued help thank u my friend. let me know when u find something. blessed be

  21. pklett92 says:

    lee Ann was a vampire in my bed last night gigitty gigitty…:P

  22. Aconissa says:

    Youre right guys, we should ignore him.

  23. Re-searcha says:

    @james: Okay my friend. Okay. I will tell you what I know.
    You ask me if Werewolves exist, if there is such a thing as a werewolf on this planet?

    My answer is Yes, there is.

    I don’t know about vampires, I have never seen one, nor do I know anyone that has, nor have I heard of any, so I can’t speak on the topic. But if it’s the other thing you want to know about, as in whether they exist. Yeah they do.

  24. Re-searcha says:

    @james: and if you believe that, then you’re as sick as the rest of these poor kids.

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