Real Vampires

Real vampires???  Yes, there are people that are considered to be real vampires.  Humans consider real vampires to be part of the occult.  Most of the real vampires stay underground – meeting up in secret and keeping their identities secret just as werewolves do.  But there is a small pocket of real vampires that want to be known – they want to be famous.  These vampires have sought out media to make themselves known.  Interviews with them have appeared on mystery and discovery shows, and even talk shows such as Oprah.  Vampires in general tend to have something of an ego, so it is not surprising that this group of individuals is trying to make themselves known.  It should be noted however that not all vampires are comfortable with this level of attention, and those that have come out in public are often ousted from their communities.

Why do humans believe in real vampires? It is interesting that real vampires are accepted into human society alot easier than real werewolves.  Humans seem to be able to believe in vampires despite the fact that they drink blood, live forever, and have special powers.  But if you ask a human to believe in a werewolf they’ll look at you in confusion and disbelief.  Why would a human believe in one but not the other?  Especially when werewolves are closer to being human than vampires are?

There are probably a few reasons why there is such a disparity between the two beliefs.  The first is probably because vampires look more like humans than werewolves do.  Vampires have developed this skill over centuries.  In many cases, it is only their eyes which give them away.  Werewolves on the other hand transform and resemble humans much less during this process.

Another probably reason why human tend to believe in real vampires and not real werewolves is because they want to.  Vampires are portrayed as mysterious and sexy.  Werewolves on the other hand are portrayed as violent and ill-tempered.  Humans find themselves wanting to believe in real vampires because of the way they feel about them thanks to movies and novels, so are much more willing to accept them when they present themselves.



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190 Responses

  1. knowledge seeker says:

    comment awaiting moderation why me?

  2. knowledge seeker says:

    mmmm more ketchup please

  3. Aconissa says:

    Awesome can I join your army too Lee ann? Ive been waiting forever to get my revenge.

  4. Re-searcha says:

    @Applebottom: lol @ the way applebottom is mimicking the way I talk. I see you have at least learnt something on this place.

  5. Re-searcha says:

    @knowledge seeker: okay i’m here now, I read your posts. They seemed very incohorent, I didn’t see any questions. You just made a few rants about your mental state and how I was avoiding you. But as I said I am here now to answer them. So ask away.

    Trying hard to keep from laughing.

  6. lee ann says:

    @Aconissa yea sure everyones welcome 😀

  7. Applebottom says:

    @Re-searcha: 🙂 LOL!!! you are laughing at the way i mimick you lol um fyi thats how i talk you chilly person, yes i have learned something Re-searcha there is more to this world than human’s im not so closed minded anymore you should atleast try to be opened minded instead of trying to put these good people down on this site.

  8. knowledge seeker says:

    @re searcha then u read the wrong posts re searcha u never answered my questions about ur beliefs in god and science

  9. Aconissa says:

    Nice one applebottom… and thanks lee ann!

  10. knowledge seeker says:

    none of my posts are incoherent u just avoid them because they question ur beliefs and they make sense. and my posts scare u cause u know i am right.

  11. knowledge seeker says:

    @re searcha i still want 2 know if u believe that God exists cause ive never seen him on CNN. and the Bible is a work of fiction. so are u scared 2 answer re searcha come on chicken sh#$t.?!

  12. Kitsunekraze900 says:

    The reason I think people believe in vampires over werewolves is because there are plently of Twilight fangirls out there. Not to mention in vampires are more popular right now.

  13. Aconissa says:

    Because Twilight was mentioned I will say this: it’s a good book, as are the other three, but Dracula is the best damn vampire novel I have ever read. It was written by Bram Stoker in 1897, and I totally recommend it to EVERYONE.

  14. knowledge seeker says:

    acconissa is correct bram stoker was a genius. dracula is an excellent novel.

  15. anonamous-werewolf says:

    whether you believe me or not, vampire webite dot net* has all the info you’ll need on real vampires.

    *i did this because i thought it might be edited out.

  16. anonamous-werewolf says:

    TWILIGHT PARODY!!!!! i haven’t read it yet but i’ve heard from a friend that the nightlight series is hilarious! the books in order are: nightlight, blue moon (can’t remember the third one) and breaking wind (i think it might be breaking windows) where Edward becomes Edwart, Bella becomes Smella etc.

  17. nicki says:

    I likes vampires

  18. Katelynn says:

    So vampires r real they just don`t want to be found?!?!?!

  19. Great information on your site. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing!

  20. news says:

    Good Stuff, do you have a flickr profile?

  21. oreo says:

    lee ann i agree with you my family has been insulted for thousands of years on our abilitys even as a wolf i get insulted by my fellow vampire side of the family my best friend nos about me dad a vampire and my mom is a werewolf we get our names the first time we change so i turned out to be a black and white color animal aka wolf so you know its kindof hard to be me oh and my name is oreo

  22. Wolf-Girl7 says:

    Well, at least now I know why humans react with curiosity. It still hurts, though. I mean, what’s wrong with being half-human half-wolf? I think its pretty fun, actually.

  23. icey29 says:

    @ez Wait… I posted AHOOO? On a vampire page? Am I mad?

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