Real werewolf caught on camera in Yellowstone National Park?

One of the most popular things werewolf non-believers say is “If werewolves exist, why haven’t I seen one? Why aren’t they on video? Captured on camera? In social media?”
The answer to this question is complex and has been addressed here before. And while I will not go into all the different answers and possibilities to this question in this post, I will point out that like many so-called unbelievable things, when a werewolf IS actually caught on camera (which is rare), people do not – will not- can not -are unwilling to – believe it.

Take for example the uptick in UFO sightings in big broad public places. UFO sightings in airports where trained professional pilots attest to having seen things that they have never seen before. Are they real UFO sightings or merely explainable phenomena? Could be either, however these sightings are swept under the carpet and quickly discredited without further consideration. So then why would anyone believe the (even farther fetched?) claim when someone says they’ve seen a werewolf? If noone will believe a certified credited airline pilot, who is going to believe a non-credentialed lay-person with a camera?

When this video below first came out people were shocked at the size and appearance of the creature caught on camera. Many people claim it is a wolf. But others say the creature – while resembling a wolf – looks slightly different than the typical wolf. Moves slightly different. Feels slightly different.

Whether the below video is a wolf or a werewolf or even a large dog is up to the viewer to decide. It could be anyone of the three. Noone can claim to know for sure. Isn’t that part of the magical mystery of the world? That there are still things that humans do not know?

Werewolf or wolf? You decide.



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6 Responses

  1. Windwalker_Wolf says:

    There have been numerous reports of these types of wolves surfacing recently. Each one is larger than the average grey wolf, moves in a more graceful manner, and is certainly a bolder and more curious sort. I’ve been looking into these accounts and I feel that we may actually be seeing the return of dire wolves. It is said that these very large canines are a relative to the once believed to be extinct breed.

  2. Echo says:

    This wolf reminds me of my friend :3
    I think it’s either I dire wolf, like Winderwalker_Wolf said, or a werewolf.

  3. Rob says:

    Not a were wolf

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