Real Werewolves

There are a few stories of supposed real werewolves that come out in local papers, but people, in their desire for logic, hint at them being werewolves, but end up rationalizing them to some other animal.  Whether the  stories can be attributed to real werewolves or not, I do not know.  Some interesting things about these stories: many of the attacks were reported during a full moon, the beasts involved were never clearly identified, and many of the attacks lasted much longer than would be normal for simple animal attacks.

Some of the famous stories include the Beast of Bodmin Moor (about supposed huge cats said to mutilate animals in Cornwall in the United Kingdom…but where did these cats come from? some rationalize they escaped from a private collection), the Surrey Puma (a phantom cat spotted around Surrey in the early 1960s which was mutilating animals), and the Welsh Werewolf.  The Welsh Werewolf dates back to actual records from 1790 that reports a stagecoach that was attacked by an enormous black beast just after dusk during a full moon.  The following year,  tracks from an enormous wolf were spotted  by a local farmer; the tracks lead to a mutilated carcass. The farmer who found the tracks was later found locked in his house and said a huge weird wolf-like creature had tried to knock down his door and had stood on his hind legs in a human-like fashion to look in his window. Attacks continued, and eventually died out. However in 1992 sightings of a huge creature started again, and attacks were reported during the full moon.  In 2001, a local paper attributed it to what may have been a puma living in the area.



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51 Responses

  1. anonamous-werewolf says:

    and i’m glad he moved away he was a annoying racist pest who never stoped talking about WWE.

  2. Re-searcha says:

    and so you bitt him. Je-sus, they say the percentage of psychopathhic people aren’t that many, but so far that’s all i’ve seen on this forum. anonamous you bitt a person with your teeeth thinking you’re a werewolf. In other words when you grow up to a full grown man, you are going to start taking chunks out of people? like hannging around school yards, snatching little kids then maimmming them with your teeeth, and when they arrrest you as they do must sick people you’ll say you did it because you are a werewolf. anonamous there’s a word for that kind of person and it’s not werewolf, it’s seerial keilla/raappist.

    The reason why i’m saying this to you, is that i’m trying to help you out, and most especially help the potential vicctims you may rraape and morder in your adult life. Normal people do not talk about being werewolves. It means you are delluded

  3. Re-searcha says:

    applebottom don’t bother yourself girl, I’ve said it once before, they are deluded. That’s why I like black people. You won’t find them talking this kind of nonesense. Being werewolves and vampires. I am telling you that is why the majority of seeriaal moderers are all White. If as a kid this is what you are thinking about, about drinking bolood, what will you do when you grow up and have the power to abdduct children in the night. You’ll start living out your werewolf fantasy, you’ll start thinking jeeeez i’m a werewolf so it’s not my fault I am canniibalising my father. You people should see a doctor. You are not wolves, you’re just siick kids. Wolves don’t type on keyboards.

    • goldenwolf says:

      I know at least 5 black people, who want to become a vampire and considerally more, who want to become a werewolf!

      And it’s not nonsense. If you done the reserch, you would know, anything is possible!

      And where the hell did you get the idea of seerial rappist from man? You need a physiatrist, If you think like that!

      Sick kids? WTF.
      Dude your bang out of order!

      Wolves dont type on keyboards?
      You think that? Seriously?
      Most wolves dont stay in wolf form, as you can tell from this list of wolves!

      There be no point in replieing. I wouldnt be bothered to read it.

    • Naomi says:

      I know three black people. And none of them want to be a werewolf. But two of them are anyway. WTF?

  4. lycanhope says:

    i have to agree with re-searcha here, no sane person takes chunks out of people. It has nothing to do with werewolves in any regard and will cause massive problems in later life. And i have to ask this, why is your name re-searcher when you dont actually research? all you do is insist that nothing to do with werewolves exists.

  5. First, while I truly believe I have been infected with Lycanthropy, I DO NOT physically change into a snarling beast (at least, not yet). I DO however, have several unexplainable facts to share. #1- During each Full Moon (a 3 night period, night of…the night…night after)… I am unable to sleep without the use of prescription sleeping pills….#2- Even then, my BF swears that I howl like a wolf intermittendly, sometimes even growling in my sleep….#3- my normally pleasant, agreeable nature becomes quite rude, aggressive, and actually hostile, even profanely so, toward people I dislike, or who act or speak unpleasantly to me…. #4- In addition, my dog (a very large German Shepherd) acts afraid of me and displays submissive behavior toward me during those periods…any other time, he is the best and most affectionate dog I’ve ever owned….#5- My senses of smell, hearing, and night visiion seem to be preternaturally acute. I haven’t always had these problems, it first began after I was attacked by 3 Canadian wolves during a hiking/camping trip when I was in college over 30 yrs. ago…I still have the scars on my arms and hands from fighting them off (thank God, I was carrying Dad’s old WWII K-Bar knife for doing camp chores!). Think what you want about me, my BF thinks I’m a loonie-tune, but my story is completely true. My Dr. says I have a rare form of Lycanthropy in that I’m not insane, just unexplainable by normal medical tests. OK, there is is for what it’s worth…you decided if you believe me or not….After all these years, I really don’t care anymore.

  6. Lunar says:

    Being bitten is a myth created by hollywood and doctors don’t diagnose “lycanthropy” the way you claim.

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @Golden wolf: I wouldn’t bother trying to argue with re-searcha, I don’t think he’s even on here anymore. Anyway, you can’t argue with a crazy person.

  8. Kelly (just is) says:

    Labels. So many labels. Too many. I dont understand why people bother posting on here about how either we’re all crazy or that we dont exsist. I mean you can post what you want but there are valid arguements from all sides. It’s like debating which religon is the right religon.

  9. Lycanhope says:

    That was a Big Bang Theory reference, not a serious statement. I actually agree with alot of what sceptics say, though I do take offence at being called a future serial rapist.

  10. Kelly (just is) says:

    I’m just saying it’s an argument wont be conclusive til either someone tapes themselves or stuff of that sort and it’s annoying just a bit. Yeah, usually people dont like getting called serial rapists. Or rapists in general. Sadface.

  11. Lycanhope says:

    That’s one of the things I agree with, the complete and utter lack of proof. I mean, I know it would be beyond difficult to operate a camera with paws, but I think people who can full shift could try a little harder to find ways around physical limitations, I sure will.

  12. Naomi says:

    Teenwolf Too iz the bomb!

  13. Kelly (just is) says:

    I guess we’ll have something to work towards.
    I have no idea what Styles is or are.

  14. Sorry. You probly couldnt work it out cos I spelled it wrong.


    He’s really rad.


  15. I like it how he has a funny shirt.

  16. Kelly (just is) says:

    Idk that re-searcha or whatever guy doesnt come around here anymore.

  17. alpha says:

    We hunt in a pack other wise. We keep out of site and we stay the he’ll away from dogs that can smell us a mile away but at times we will walk up to a dog to show no harm to the animal ……….

  18. Naomi-Saying black people is kind of racist.Most of us here is insane and they on the other hand,fear these creatures.

  19. Wildmist says:

    It is idiots that make assumptions about fantasy, but actually there is a good movie in which the Queen of england atually pardonned a lycon, why? because during court proceedings he was found to be that of a lycon by the court doctor. some stories and myths are bad, some people are delusional. but fettishes, fantasy in the mind is creative process, roleplay, and only very sick steal babies. I hate close minded people who only want to talk about football or there games on sports. I like splinter cell, it actually is used my Navy seals and I develop a more profound love for my country by playing the game. Go think, open your mind some….

  20. lone wolf girl says:

    The teen wolf series are just the best!! Styles is pretty cute but I have to admit that I am totally in love with Derek! :3 Werewolves exist and I am waiting for the right one to approach me, as weird as that sounds, I believe <3

  21. she wolf says:

    I don’t want to comment here. Lots of arguing. Maybe I got mixed up and ending just shouting here on this website.

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