Real Werewolves

There are a few stories of supposed real werewolves that come out in local papers, but people, in their desire for logic, hint at them being werewolves, but end up rationalizing them to some other animal.  Whether the  stories can be attributed to real werewolves or not, I do not know.  Some interesting things about these stories: many of the attacks were reported during a full moon, the beasts involved were never clearly identified, and many of the attacks lasted much longer than would be normal for simple animal attacks.

Some of the famous stories include the Beast of Bodmin Moor (about supposed huge cats said to mutilate animals in Cornwall in the United Kingdom…but where did these cats come from? some rationalize they escaped from a private collection), the Surrey Puma (a phantom cat spotted around Surrey in the early 1960s which was mutilating animals), and the Welsh Werewolf.  The Welsh Werewolf dates back to actual records from 1790 that reports a stagecoach that was attacked by an enormous black beast just after dusk during a full moon.  The following year,  tracks from an enormous wolf were spotted  by a local farmer; the tracks lead to a mutilated carcass. The farmer who found the tracks was later found locked in his house and said a huge weird wolf-like creature had tried to knock down his door and had stood on his hind legs in a human-like fashion to look in his window. Attacks continued, and eventually died out. However in 1992 sightings of a huge creature started again, and attacks were reported during the full moon.  In 2001, a local paper attributed it to what may have been a puma living in the area.



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51 Responses

  1. HowlingMoon says:

    Very interesting!!!

  2. scott says:

    holy crap thats awsome!, i didn’t think this mattered but im actually welsh and seem to act cainine. hmmm arouses some questions i would like to find out.
    EXP: why don’t i grow extra hair when the moon is out? and why don’t my bones break when i take a massive hit?
    (lycan refrence[don’t change on full moon only])

  3. tazuma says:

    wow i never thout of it that way .

  4. tazuma says:

    thout is thoght

  5. shadow says:

    well this is inrgueing to me actually

  6. terra the shapeshifting green witch with the wolven familar says:

    hmmmmm. *taps fingers together* they should try secluding themselves more.

  7. killed dream says:

    wow, im having a hard time beliving this kind of stuff, but its starting to seem real to me…

  8. terra the shapeshifting green witch says:

    i have a question though. WHY THE F***ING HELL DOES ALMOST EVERYONE POST ON ALL THE OLDER BLOGS!!!!! sorry had to get that out. its irritating me.

  9. lee ann says:

    Humans are easy to manipulate

  10. Josh says:

    The very fact that all these attacks are occurring on the full moon should be evidence enough. The chances of such a coincidence occurring that many times are very very very slim. I am sorry, but all you skeptics might have to reconsider if this turns out to be true.

  11. Jack says:

    Im not surprised, normally i would just pass this off as fairy tale nonsense but…..i know other wise!

    I personally have found out about a number of sightings from solid sources that are actually so good they stand on there own and they are isolated from the other sightings meaning the people and the events are totally separate and the people involved didn’t know the other people and still don’t!

    In my “investigation” i have found information that i honestly tried to rationalize as something else but the information i have found from everything points too only a one answer, werewolf’s are real!

    I am in no way kidding or lying or even manipulating in any way anything i just said…… i used to go back bush for camp fires before at night, i won’t be doing that anymore, my world has just changed!

  12. applebottom says:

    i don’t think people can turn into werewolves, i think people wish they can transform into beings, and become vampire’s but it can not happen it’s impossiable.

  13. death by moon says:

    improabable not impossible

  14. Värlôc says:

    I agree with DBM. As for applebottom, what you’re saying is that humans don’t turn into werewolves, but transform????

    Those are the same things. ‘Tis almost like saying they can’t transform, but TRANSMOGRIFY!!! Please explain what you mean.

  15. applebottom says:

    oh my bad i dont think people can not turn into or even transform into a werewolf, is that better varloc, hope you understand what i’m saying.:)

  16. Värlôc says:

    It happens, too, btw. I have transformed into an abnormally large gray wolf, so….

  17. applebottom says:

    i’m trying to be open mind about people that are werewolves, and i dont understand wow!!!!!!! i dont know what to say does it run in familys with this werewolf thing, wow to tell you the truth i’m gettin scary right now i’m feeling stuipd cuz i’m believeing please dont laugh at me i’m confused.:)

  18. applebottom says:

    if there is anyone in the gainesville area, and would like to show me that werewolves are for real email me.

  19. applebottom says:

    email me at edited

  20. Kitsunekraze900 says:

    Very cool. Has anyone done a thorough investigation on this phenomena? If so, are there any pictures or stories that you would be at liberty to share? I’d love to see some.

  21. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @Josh: would your last name happen to be ferral and are in idaho, because i recall biting a kid named josh ferral because he pissed me off last year.

  22. anonamous-werewolf says:

    and then he moved to idaho to get away from me….lol

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