Report on UFOs demanded in Coronavirus Bill!!

For the skeptics out there who do not believe…here is an interesting – and not widely known – piece of information that may make you think of the world differently.

The release of information related to UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS (UFOs) was rolled into the COVID-19 relief and federal funding bill that President Trump signed in December.

No, this is not a trick and it not a joke. This is fact.

Specifically, hidden away in the 5,593 page federal bill, there is a section that “directs the [director of national intelligence] … to submit a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena.”

For skeptics who do not believe in the supernatural, paranormal, other-than-normal, or fringe concepts, this piece of information is worth considering. The United States federal government is basically not denying that there are “unidentified aerial phenomena” – aka UFOs…they are simply trying to keep it under the radar. So given that UFOs exist…the next logical step is that aliens exist. If you then are willing to consider the concept of aliens existing, would it not be fair to then consider other creatures that could exist as well?



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