Researching werewolves


Where do we get our information on werewolves?

Questions have been asked about werewolves and many of us have varying answers, how can this be possible? The truth is, such as Buddy has suggested, that we can only go by what knowledge we have gained through different research methods, and of course debating is always good!  I want to go over a few ways to get information on werewolves to clear up any confusion.

Different werewolf research methods:

The first two are usually the best sources of information.

1. Primary sources: primary sources are first hand original accounts of information -this information is commonly gained through interviews of people with first hand accounts of the research topic you are conducting – werewolves.

2. Secondary sources: usually conducted by studying research that has already been done to primary sources.

3. Internet: Of course the internet, but be careful and check the source of the information.
4. Library: Yes the library, but just like the Internet, check the source of whom you are getting the information from; are they an authority on the topic? Who is the publisher of the book? When was the book published?

These are just a few of the possible ways to research werewolves and by no means is supposed to be a complete list of how and where to conduct research, this is simply a starting point.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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16 Responses

  1. Swiftpaw Fatfox says:

    I agree with your points, though even with primary and secondary sources one must be careful at times.

    But I’m still wondering, why you believe werewolves are evil. If you look at most of the medieval European folk lore you see that they do seem to be evil, but in other parts of the world and in areas of Europe where the catholic church hasn’t been accepted they are viewed as neutral at the very least. And even before the middle ages they weren’t seen as evil.

  2. pklett92 says:

    native american tribs would call on the spirit of the wolf to enable them to have a succesful hunt, and the wolf was seen as a revered, holly beast. It was concidered an honor for a tribs member to be the vessel of a wolf spirit. Through close watch of breeding each generation of indian was born with a shaman that tought his kin to learn the secret to call on the wolf.

  3. death by moon says:

    as with me i believe that werewolves are people that can be either good or evil.
    just because their different doesnt mean they dont have uniqe personalities.

  4. we have very unique personailties varying by who we are

  5. devilishlygrim says:

    excuse me i’ll handle this since obvisously you can’t internet and your local libary;) use your basic knowledge of werewolves always look for new information compare and contrast everything make sure you’re actually what you think u are *edited if u need help;)

    • Lee Ann says:

      I like how your acting all high and mighty and posting your email everywhere and yet you haven’t realized that it’s automatically edited 😉

  6. Lunar says:

    Devilishlygrim, I didn’t know “can’t internet or your local library” was possible. Leave out a word in your hurry to pretend to know so much when all you have to offer is folklores and myths?

    LeeAnn, wow nice one

  7. Lunar says:

    Lol it makes the room warm and fuzzy o.o noooo!!!

  8. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    aint that the truth

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